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cody909 08-26-2008 03:11 PM

What i eat every day
I dont know if this is health, but i need your advice and input,
Right now for breakfast, i eat:

Peanutbutter sandwich
Fat free milk (2 cups 90 cal per cup)
Peanut butter Jif 25% less fat.(1/4 cup) (12g of fat per 2 tbl spoons)
2 slices Split wheat bread (Whats the differnce between Split and whole?)


Avacado sandwich
French bread (2 grams fat)
Cooked skinless chicken

I dont eat lunch, Dinner is same thing as breakfast most of time.

I drink btw 88oz - 132oz of water a day.

What do you think?
What can i change to make it better,
I am trying to lean bulk


Pitysister 08-26-2008 03:37 PM

that looks like around 1000 calories. for any type of need about 2000 more. and...more dead animal. and 2 meals a day is terrible.

Ross86 08-26-2008 07:39 PM

Are you really serious about doing this? I talked to you forever on AIM one afternoon. We must have talked for an hour or more total. If you really want help with going on a bulk, then disregard this post. But I'm not going to pat you on the back for posting this same question that you've already been given the answer to. Read over the first two threads that you started. Then start reading the stickies like I already suggested. Most of the information you need is already there. If you don't remember all of the specifics that I spent so long outlining for you, then ask...but you should know the gist of what you need to be doing already.

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