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ART (Active Release Therapy) and Lower Back Issue

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Old 09-01-2012, 02:51 PM
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Default ART (Active Release Therapy) and Lower Back Issue

HI, I appreciate any help/advice you can offer:

quick background:

I have used ART in the past and it has helped my right shoulder immensely as well as my chronic lower back issues. In fact twice in the past ART has gotten my back to show really good improvement to the point where just simple stretching kept it almost completely pain free.

However, The most recent lower back flare up (happened around early July) was better after two more visits to my ART specialist but I went back into the gym a bit too early and it has now been like six weeks and it's not gotten a lot better.

He started working in deeper hip flexor muscles last week, it was feeling a bit better and then I skipped an appointment (yes, i know that was stupid) and now it is struggling again.

I have had two more appointments since then and just not sure what the issues are. If anyone on here has used ART successfully in the past and / or is a bit of an expert on lower back issues, please pitch in here.

Current Symptoms: Essentially it is the lower back, very sore most of the time and some numbness / tingling on lower right leg. Most notably and this is new symptom I have not had in years past, my Glutes are tight and sore most of the time. That has me really concerned because when I ask him about that symptom he cannot offer a lot of feedback.

I am doing a lot of stretching including things i have learned from regular PT and things he taught me. I have been told by a different back specialist that I should do pelvic exercises (ex: lay on back and lift pelvis without lifting spine or using abs) but that seemed to not help. IN fact, I wonder if when I did those it made it worse.

I also did some light swimming about a month ago to help loosen up my tight quads and thighs which made it worse.

Again I have had some ups and downs with the ART but wondering what it is that might be making it so much tougher to overcome this time? I can still work, sleep and drive but it is really irritating and obviously I cannot run, lift weights or even sit for long periods of time.

Again just to emphasize, He did start focusing more heavily on the muscles right by the abs that connect to the hip flexors and when he worked on that about 12 days ago it was noticeably feeling better 2 or maybe 3 days afterwards. I then missed a scheduled appointment and it got worse again.

I have had two visits since that time including one Wednesday and even as of yesterday (Friday) it is just still really not feeling good. He did point out that sometimes after a session, particularly because he is focusing more on the hip flexor muscles, it could be painful /sore for a few days but I am getting frustrated nonetheless.

I know some people say to start doing core/balance exercises to build the little muscles but I am afraid to do that because it seems it might just aggravate it worse. as noted I did some pelvic stuff two nights in a row last week and if anything, it seemed to be worse - I also do trust his judgment because he often stays extra time and does more therapy if he can and even answers emails on weekends if I have questions.

I can offer some advice/things in return on other subjects (please message me) and would really appreciate your insights! I am going to see my ART guy again on Saturday and see if perhaps because i missed that appointment it is simply a matter of just going consistently but we will see


P.S yes I plan to do some serious personal training after I get better to just really focus on balance, flexibility and core - I have not taken this issue as seriously as I should and now I am paying the price
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Old 04-26-2013, 02:10 PM
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Default Forget the ............

Forget the focus on stretching, core and shit. Get your back checked out by a good athletic/sport orthopedic. I've been training seriously since 1976. I have had back issues since 1986. Did it stop me from the continual pounding? No! So, a year ago my ortho took an X-ray and saw that I had 3 disc completely gone. Went to a neuro-surgeon and had a mylogram done and he said I have DDD - Degenerative Disc Disease and I need a fusion surgery. A multilevel fusion surgery. All this caused by many squats, deads, bent over rows et al. I could go on, but I won't bore you. Surgery coming up, then the rehab. Can't wait to get back in the gym. This time a little smarter. Been thru a lot of different injuries and several other surgeries. Don't kill yourself in the gym. It will catch up with you.
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