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UmmmPain 07-11-2008 02:06 AM

Chevy Man and Women!
Anyone into Camaro's Vette's or Chevelle's? or american muscle in general?

Well if anyone does I need a bit of help. Debating on a LS1 or a 454 small block for my next project maybe gears, cams, basic bolt ons and a blower, LS7 head. The compression are a bit high and I am only limited to boost 5psi and I wanna do more then that so I get a set of ported truck heads with the 72cc chamber. Does anyone know what the stock internals of those motor can hold? Any suggestions or ideas?

john917v 07-23-2008 11:14 AM

Do we like muscle cars on a muscle-building forum?! This is madness! Seriously, I love hotrods, ratrods, streetrods, and classics with new engines/drivetrain!

I'd say an LS1, since they are more plentiful/parts are cheaper and easier to find. Get yourself a four-bolt main, and you'll be set. I'd say it'll reliably take about 400-450 ponies. Get a forged crank, and a set of race pistons, or at least some racing pistons, and you're probably looking at about 500-650 horses, depending on what you get-pistons and crank, or just pistons. Another biggie-consider and aluminum radiator-engines that produce more hp also produce more heat. But, Al. radiators are also lighter, and they're just plain cool!

iron_worker 08-19-2008 07:44 AM

Both very sweet engines but you'll probably have to put more $$ into the 454 to make it compete. The LS1 was built for performance. But in the end its probably the 454 that would give you the best performance if you had the necessary money to throw at it.

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