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hrdgain81 07-27-2007 09:02 AM

compelling stuff here, loose change recut
I dont usually post this kinda stuff, but this was brought to my attention, and thus i'd like to share. There is a lot of 9/11 conspiracy shit out there, and to be honest most of it is bullshit. But regardless I personally think there are far too many questions that arent being answered to this day, and our federal gov't has far to much control over our lives. This movie is long, but if your bored and want to watch it, I'd say its a good investment of your time. Obviously not everything in the movie is true, but watch and judge for yourself. I'm not trying to impose my views, just want to get some honest opinions from you guys.

Loose Change Recut

hunt0r 07-27-2007 10:19 AM

I have watched that video before and I agree with you that there are a lot of unanswered questions relating to 9/11. Its hard to shift through all the BS and find the truth, but I am with you on the idea that the government has way too much control over us and also the idea of corporations having too much influence and power.

EricT 07-27-2007 10:39 AM

Just wanted to say that if people choose to discuss this let's all remember that we are friends here and it is not personal. These things can be such hot-button topics....everybody has their own perspective and it is completely relevant for them and they have a right to it. Just try to keep in mind that ultimately we are in this together.

hunt0r 07-27-2007 11:02 AM

Yeah I usually stray away from talking about religion or politics just because it really brings out some strong emotions in people. I am a pretty open minded person and understand everyone has their own opinion on things so I dont judge.

EricT 07-27-2007 11:05 AM


hrdgain81 07-27-2007 11:07 AM

yeah, my intent wasnt to start a huge political debate, everyone can think whatever they want, thats what we are all about in this country.

I am finding hard to sift through the bs, especially since anyone can spin "facts" into different interpretations. If nothing else its thought provoking.

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