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sdf42450 05-07-2005 12:02 AM

email notification
how do i turn it off? anytime i log into my box i've got about 20 messages of people replying to threads from here... i've flipped through the "User CP" a few times and haven't been able to disable it yet. what did i miss?

Dr X 05-07-2005 12:52 AM

I had to learn to make sure I hit don't subscribe evertime I do a post.

Frontline 05-07-2005 12:54 AM

sdf..Go to your User CP and then hit Edit Option. Once inside edit it under the Messaging & Notification area.

I changed all new registrations not to automatically suscribe as people were complaining about it.

sdf42450 05-07-2005 01:43 AM

thanks guys... i guess i was just in too much of a hurry and just looking for a check box. it should be fixed now. :)

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