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Dr X 04-25-2005 03:19 PM

Favorite Workout
Everyone has a particular day they look forward to more than another when it comes to working out. What your favorite day?

mojoclemson 04-25-2005 03:25 PM

My ratings:

1 chest :D flat bench
2 bis love seeing the veins poppin out
3 tris fun workouts, skullcrushers and pushdowns
4 abs cant beat that pain, damn it hurts, feels so good
5 shoulders bleh
6 back nothin special
7 legs :mad: my legs are weak right now, do enjoy calf raises though

DShot 04-25-2005 03:45 PM

Usually I look forward to my chest day, but lately i've had some pretty good developement in my traps, so i been looking forward to shrugs and back. :D

Frontline 04-25-2005 05:18 PM

I always look forward to my shoulder workouts because I can really feel the burn at the end. Shrugs and military presses are definately my favorite.

apocalypse 04-25-2005 05:34 PM

I love doing back workouts, I usually do Pull downs, bend over rows, seated cable rows, and some other excercise, and then I do about 100 or more pushups, and workout my bis. I love walking around with my lats pumped up. :D

joeyboy777 04-26-2005 08:53 AM

I really like
1. Legs
2. Back
3. Shoulders
4. Chest

I feel powerfu doin squats, lovin it. Pullups also rule.

Dr X 04-26-2005 01:38 PM

I love doing it all. I look forward to every workout but lately it's been all about the traps. I just love destroying them.

ChinPieceDave667 04-26-2005 02:23 PM

I'm with Dr X.. I love doing every body part. as for my flavor of the month. it would have to be squats and Dips. Squats because most people in my gym are chest and arm retards and never realy do legs.. and Dips because I love strapping 150lbs on the weight belt and banging out 8 reps while others just gawk at me, all I think is, "yeah.. that's right, sweat my stuff." j/k, sorta ;)

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