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From Geek to....LIAR!

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Old 12-31-2009, 02:41 PM
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Ross and Pity, both of your 'plans' are, well, Pity-full. (LOL) Using my Cosmic Brownie Ultra-Super-Mega-Advanced-8 lbs-of-SOLID-mass-approved-by-guys-in-lab-coats plan clearly trumps yours. And Ross, silly statements should be outlawed, since my plan makes you gain 8 lbs in a week!!! And it makes you learn how to divide! Properly!!!! (JK) Also, it involves doing nothing more than sitting on the sofa. Now, time for all of the small lawyer talk......we are not responsible if you die from eating the SLIGHTLY-toxic packaging..........Bahahaha!!!
Please note, all of the things I have finished typing are made-up....in case you really are considering following the Cosmic Brownie plan. Let's not go into what everyone's New-Year's Resolution is........
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