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Butcher's Lifting Journal

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Old 08-10-2007, 12:13 PM
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Default Butcher's Lifting Journal

Well all signed up and ready to make some things happen in the gym(garage). I feigure if I post here what I am doing each day I can get some motivation to keep at the iron.

Plan on doing a 3 day split for lifting with cardio 3 days as well. Cardio wil be running, sprints and distance sometimes.

Today's Lift
Chest Shoulders Triceps
Bench 205x8 225 X8 245X6
Incline DB Bench 35X10 35X10 35X10
Dips 5 5 Body Only
Side Laterals 10X8 10X8 10X8
Rear lats 10X8 10X8 10X8
Military Press Seated 95X8 115X8 135X6
SkullCrushers 65X8 65X8

All in all a good workout IMO. I figure I will be sore tomorrow but will not lift again until Monday. I do have run planned in the morning and will probably do intervals.

More to come

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