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slayer of souls 06-13-2009 10:13 AM

Dear Diary...
Just a overview of what has been going on.

In five months June-Oct I focused heavily on my eating and training. I went from 200 to 230lbs. As you can see from my picture I did pack on some good muscle. But truth be told I was a total fatass.

I had the mentality "who gives a shit, im a power lifter," but I wasnt a professional power lifter and had to make some changes.

I graduated from Uni. At that time I just couldnt stand to be in Canada. So I moved to Talibanistan (Pakistan) where I have been since October.

My training style was the same for about 3 months. A mix of DFHT and 5x5. I was cutting down weight and strength was falling as well. So my training reached a impasse, I didn’t really have the same drive as before. To make matters worse I started working with Citigroup , and late sittings gives me little time to focus on diet or training. I start my day at 6am with horse riding by the beach and end by 1am after training.

I met a powerlifter in this gym. In Pakistan, people here are only concerned with abs and biceps so finding someone that has an interest in strength training is rare.
So for about 4 weeks, we focused first on a bit a bodybuilding style workout.Then onto a power lifting style with a two week peak at the end.

It was split up like


Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Grip
Wednesday Deadlifts, Front Squats some accessory
Thursday: Back ( Rows, pull-ups etc)
Friday: Board Bench/ Shoulder
Saturday: Squats. ( Back squats, box squats, Romanians)
I did take a leap away from the 5x5 workout. I thought I would give my body a new workout shock. I did make some good strength gains, even more then when I was 225.

As a result the video is a mix from the final peek week phase. My flexibility is crap, and these days we are training a new style and working on flexibility.

My current workout program is probably the anti Christ of power lifting. I am focusing on endurance training. Just to work on some of my weak points and to sculpt up the body. Yes... I said sculpt.
Theoretically speaking, its not possible . But this high rep/ high volume has made a drastic change in my physique. I have always had spaghetti arms and now its starting to grow, and shape is coming to my shoulders.

I think its refreshing to add in some endurance work now and again. I know if I go into the specifics I will probably be slaughtered by you guys. Haha

The rep scheme ranges from 6reps monday 85% intensity to 20 reps on friday. With supersets. I thought it was a total waste of time but the results are worth it.

slayer of souls 06-13-2009 10:49 AM

I have no idea how to upload. So if a mod can help that would be great.

Here are the links

Jonson 06-14-2009 05:05 AM

Awsome vids you are pretty damn strong :)

slayer of souls 06-19-2009 09:38 AM


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