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DrGonzo 03-17-2008 09:35 AM

DrGonzo's Training Log
I've been lifting for a few years (not quite hard enough, obviously), but I've never really kept track of weights and reps like I should have with a log, so I really haven't gained that much in the past. When I started lifting (sparsely throughout senior year in high school, 2 years ago), I was 6'3", weighed 165 lbs, and had a body fat %age around 11%. 2 years later, almost exactly from when I started lifting, I'm still 6'3", but now I weigh 200 lbs and don't know my body fat. So there's a little progress. Goals? Just putting on as much mass as possible while still keeping my stomach fat relatively low. Not too concerned with that.

Forgot to take my lifting journal with me last night, so I'll start up with chest and tri's next time

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