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Lukes Journal

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Old 06-30-2007, 07:56 AM
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Default Lukes Journal

Hi all

Im new to this forum and have decided to start my own journal.

Little about me

Im currently studying a diploma at college and plan on going to university next year. I am 18 and my weight is around 166lbs.

I live in the uk.

My reason for a journal is mostly to stay motivated but also i would love to hear both good and bad feedback on what im doing and how im progressing. I have been training for roughly a year now but i have never followed a routine till recently where i have completed two routines from the website "Animal pack" if anyone is familar with it. After finishing the routines i took a week out and this time rather then finding a new routine i would like to start writing my own with hopefully the help from you guys.

My goal is bodybuilding and since im light, im more focused towards mass then cutting right now (well for a few years at least)

I dont really care about strength, infact i dont care if i cant lift the weight as long as i look like i can

My diet - well im student and diets dont exactly fit well with us along with the fact im living with my parents and they decide whats for dinner not me :(

I am taking supplment, its a mass gain one which brings me to a question since im focused on mass only what supplment should i take? a protien shake or a mass gain shake?

Just a note - im not sure if this website is USA so ill just convert the weights in pounds anyway.

And now finally onto my program. While ive been training and reading, ive learned that bodybuilders stick to the 6-12 rep range. The program ive come up with is focused on 6 reps, i decided this because my next program ill do 8-12 rep range for a shock to the system. Im not sure if my logic is right so i would like to hear feedback on this aswell. but anyway here is my program

Mon Chest + triceps + Shoulders

Bench Press 4x6
Incline DB 3x6
Dips 3x6
Military Press
close grip bench 3x6

Wed - Legs + abs

Squats 4x6
Leg Press 3x6
Calf raises 3x6
Weighted leg raises 3x10

Fri - Back + biceps

Deadlift 4x6
Lat Pulldowns 4x6
Bicep curls 4x6

I plan on doing this 8-10 weeks - not sure on a finish date just yet. The program will officaly begin July 2nd 2007.

would love to hear comments, advice and feedback

Thanks in advance everyone!
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