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Month of July, goals, diet, supps, journal. Anything to add?

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Old 07-09-2005, 10:30 PM
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Good luck with the new goal. Also hope your hip feels better.
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Old 08-02-2005, 01:45 PM
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OK, July is done... Lets see the results.

Start: End:
Weight 196.8 End: 185-188
Arms 16.5 End: 16
Legs thigh 25 End: 24.5
Calf 17 End: 16.5
Waist at love handles 36 End: 35.5
Chest at nips 41 End: 41
Neck 16.5 End: 16.5
Floor Press - 285 End: will do next week, prob same
Box Squat Parallel - 315 End: 415
Barbell Bench DE 135x30 End: 135x30
Pull-ups one set- 28 End: 30
Dead lift - 215 End: 265

Weight lean 190, arms 17, waist 34, chest 42-43- Well, Im leaner, I am at a 34, down one more notch on my belt. My arms and chest/back did not grow cause I am still cal restricted. That will change shortly.
I came close to seeing my abs last cut, I wan to see them this time. Abs seen for small time, Oh they will be here soon
Be able to walk on my hands, I can do 20 handstand pushups, cannot walk on hands yet, soon grasshopper I made parralettes out of some 2" PVC- nice
Speak 3 full sentences in Swedish (maybe listen to cd's while WO)... No way, I did listen to the cd once a week...
Do 1 social, non drinking thing a week, besides not drinking while friends are drinking. Yes, in a way, Went to a few movies, Wedding Crashers was awesome... Hung out with a few different people. Did not go out with friends on 2 occasions (Im sooo glad I didnt, the crazy asses)
Meet/talk to 1-2 new people per week. I am mad shy, and rely on friends of friends, or work associates. Yes and no. I interviewed for a new job and accepted their proposal, so I will be with new people soon, talked with people in new department. I did not meet anyone new except for at the bar... but they were cool.
Floor Press 305-315 I will try this week
Box Squat Parallel - 365 yup
Barbell Bench DE 135x50 nope
Pull-ups one set- 50 nope
Dead lift 275 I will try again

No drinking for July after July 4th weekend. No Smoking for month after July 4th weekend. No/almost no cheese after July 4th weekend. Drank 2 times, got wasted once, cheese on eggs had to do it. Smoked 2 times.. I guess it goes w/ drinkin....
Eat vegetables or fruit at least 2 times per day. Oh hell yeah, I have soo many veggies now. I bought a bunch of zuccini and squash. fried it up, added some chic slices.
Run/cardio 3 times per week. Yes sir

I did well overall. I had a great time doing the t-nation squat routine. I never saw my leg muscles before. Ive always had big legs, now I can move some weight with them.
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Old 08-02-2005, 01:59 PM
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My diet. Ive been feeling great. Adding olive oil, protiens and veggies to daily habit. I've been cooking meats a lot more. Using new spices. Corrander, cumin, cinnamon, clove, chives, celery seed, curry (try a few)... Buy every spice with the letter C, you can make some good stuff.

I did the clen for 1 week, I dont care for it, I stopped so I would be good in the interview. Ill stick to my green tea and EC.

I did try Amp. I found it beneficial. I took an Amp in the morning after my night of getting trashed. I had to sign up for Grad school at 10am, I forgot my GMAT scores, so I had to take a test. I was thinking very well in the test. I am usually better at Math, so I took the verbal first. I blazed that test up. I could have been a writer that morning. The Math was easy, and everything is set up for me to start Grad school at the end of the month.. One more thing to look forward to.
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Old 08-02-2005, 02:44 PM
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[IMG]legs biotch[/IMG]
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