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Old 06-18-2007, 12:55 AM
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I missed a week of working out. I definitely felt weaker when I came back from my vacation.


Workout A

Squats: 155
Dead: 225
Dips:2x8 25lbs.


Squats: 155
MP: 115
Rows: 95
Chinups: 2x8


Squats: 160
Bench: 155
Dead: 235
Dips: 2x8 25lbs

I felt pretty weak on the bench this day. I had to have the spotter help me on the last two sets. And the next day I was real sore.


Squats: 165
MP: 120
Rows: 100
Chinups: 2x8

I've been more careful to eat enough meals and have enough protein throughout the day this last week. I felt a bit stronger on Friday. We'll see if that carries over for this week.
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