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Old 06-22-2008, 10:03 AM
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Hey gents,

I've got 4 weeks before livin' it up in Spain for three weeks, so I've decided to base my training off a Sheiko beginner plan. The beginner plans are three days a week as opposed to the Candidate for Master of Sports and the more advanced plans, which are four days. I'll be in a caloric deficency so three days is plenty. I'm also not a candidate anyways.

You can see the plan here:


I've made a few significant modifications, which are as follows:

1) I've dropped all the flies and other pressing stuff except the Dips. I want to keep it to 5 exercises max, and I think I need to give it a rest on that stuff anyways. Which brings me to point 2...

2) I'm going to do all my benches paused. I seem to get stuck right off the chest. My 115 went up to lockout no problem, but 120 barely got off my chest. Pausing should allow me to work on my strength off the chest. Also, since I've never paused before, and pausing is generally more difficult, I'll have to drop the percentages a bit. We'll see how it goes.

3) All squat repeats will be box squats. Same deal here; it seems like if I can get out of the hole I'll make it to lockout. Squatting 175 went all the way up alright, but 180 went nowhere after the stretch reflex. Box squats will probably help power out of the hole. Also, since I've never box squatted before, I'll have to lower the percentages while I learn this. The repeats are always a lower percentage anyways.

4) I've found a way to rig up a semi-GHR with a back extension bench. It's not perfect but it's challenging enough. A few sets of 5 is tough. I'll be doing these instead of seated GM's.

5) I go to the gym with the missus on Saturdays anyways, so I'll be doing some DLs standing on boxes while she's doing her cardio warm up. I've just stolen the set/rep scheme from a more advanced Sheiko plan. I get stuck on the floor with this lift as well, so hopefully this will also help the intial pull.

OK, that's the deal for the next 4 weeks. I'll be trying to lose weight, so if I start to get too tired too qickly, I'll reduce the workload. The bench marathon on Wednesdays will be the first thing to go, as well as the DL off boxes.

I won't be maxing after this cycle, so I just want to acumulate a little bit of fatigue so there's something to let dissipate when I'm gone. I also want to learn the box squat, which I've got lined up 6 times, and get a hang of pausing the bench press. These programs are good quality practice as well.

That's all for now.

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