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Trying to track my progress

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Old 07-21-2005, 08:46 PM
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Default Trying to track my progress

Today I will start my workout journal along with my diet and sups im taking if i feel like typing alot that day.
I weighed in this morning at 134(trying to bulk up its happening but realy slowly )
Today was a chest/bicep/neck I'm curently not using any specifictraining method but it has been working ( I only recently started using dumbells for chest presses still not comfortable enough to do them with declines)

dumbell press-25*10,25*10,50*5,50*5,55*5
declineBench-135*5 135*6 140*4
inclinedumbellpress-45*5 45*6 45*6
Dips-45*5 45*5 45*6
diamond pushups(25) raised feet pushups(22)(23) Regular(20)(!5)
Barbellcurls-(im not sure how much the bar weighs) bar*15, bar+10s*15 bar+30s*5(3X)
curls on cable machine- 110*10 120*7 120*5 120*5
(i dont know what the other curls i did are called so i wont list them )

Neckbridges-2sets 30seconds holding up 40lbs

I'm not sure what this neck exercise is called but it has realy helped strenthing my neck so ill try to explain:lay face up on bench with head hanging over placed a25lb weight on center of forhead and slowly raise and lower 10 times then turn onto your back place weight on back of head and do same thing 10 times repeated 2times

end of workout Jumped rope 7 minutes at a moderate contious tempo

I lifted today at 6 45 so my pre workout meal was also breakfast it was a 40gram protien shake 2cups fiber one cereal with yogurt and a peach
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Old 07-22-2005, 09:33 PM
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Default 7-22-05

It was an off day for lifting today i did 7 minutes off running stairs for cardio.

My current supplements im taking are as follows:
-Ce2 2pills in morning and 2 pills in afternoon
-UltraMegaGold Mulivit 2pills in morning with breakfast
-Muscle Milk before bed
- Mega Whey 2scoops in morning and after workout on lifting days
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Old 07-23-2005, 11:26 AM
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Default 7-23-05

Got up and jumped roap for 5 minutes ate breakfast and headed to the gym

Today i lifted my legs/back

squats 135*10, 135*10 185*8 215*5 215*6
Clean 125*5*3
standing row(just started doing these not to long ago) 85*8 95*8 105*8
dumbell row 50*10 55*10 55*10
standing calfraises 70*20 90*20 110*10 150*5*3
layinglegcurls 120*5 125*5 125*5
legextenders 150*5*3
sitting low row 100*10 110*8 120*5
widegrippullups 3sets to failure 20seconds rest 20,8,8(i was spent)
i leg dumbell squats(one leg up on a bench) 45*10 55*10 55*10
Now get to chill out tonight and watch some baseball(im praying it doest rain it rained all morning)
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Old 07-24-2005, 02:56 PM
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Default 7-24-05

This morning i woke up jumped rope for 10 minutes 5 and 5 with 1 minute

I did abs at home wich consisted of:
30lb weighted crunches 25*4
leg throwdowns 25*4
roundhouse kicks on my tkd bag 40*3
straight leg toe tochers 20lbs 25*4

lifting was a lil messed up i did my whole workout chest/biceps and neck then relized i should have done my shoulders wich is why i threw in the military press and dumbell shoulder press. work out went a lil longer then normal but still feel it was a great workout I was PUMPED AFTERWARDS

DumbellPress-20*10*2 35*8 50*5 50*5 55*6 (last sett was realy goodfor me)
declinebench-135*5*2 145*5
inclinedumbellpress-45*8 45*8 45*5
dips-45*5*3 (i shoulda done more)
dumbell flys 30*5*3
barbell curls Bar*10 Bar+10s*10 Bar+25s*5*5sets
dumbell curls-35*10*5
Militarypress-80*10 90*10*2
dumbellshoulderpress 35*5 40*5 40*5
Pushups with handles and feet on bench-3sets of 15

Today I tried streching like 311 and others have talked about
on here with 40lbs dumbells and did it for 1 minute/ my one question about that stretching are you supose to do it at the end of yoru workout or after the last rep of each set?
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Old 07-25-2005, 08:15 PM
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Default 7-25-05

Nothing much today I just took it easy and ate a truckload of food! Hopefully it shows tommow when i step on the scale lol i guess i dont wana gain weight that fast

OH ya and got a free trial from fizogen of blitzcycle(I'm working at gnc until i move back for school) so im going to start taking that tommow wich means i wont be taking my ce2 because it has the same dosage of cretene ethel ester in blitzcycle
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Old 07-27-2005, 08:45 AM
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Default 7-26

LEGS Back Triceps

I always did ass to the grass for squats until my leg realy realy got irritated by this so i have been doing parrell squats for the fast 2months now but today (yesterday i forgot to post) i decided i would try the deep squats again and here is what i could do Warmup-115*12 115*10
135*10 145*10 145*10 I was amazed at how sore i was after the last set at the low weight I think i'm going to stick with the deep squats for a while now though

HangClean-125*8 130*8 135*8 Standing bar row-105*8*3

Barshrugs-135*10 155*10 175*10

singleleg dumbell squats(oneleg on bench)-45's*10each 50's*10 55's*8

calf raises 150*8 10second hold at very bottom( this was tough 8th one i cheated and did it for 4)

leg curls-130*5 135*5 135*5

skull crushers 55*5 55*5 60*5

dumbell behind head sittnig(tricep exercise don't know name) 40*10 45*10 50*10

Pullups-do 1 hang for 5 done one hang for 10 do 1 hang for 5 Etc.*8 two sets

dumbellRow-35*15each 40*15 45*10

NO cardio Blitz cycle realy got me pumped up evey vein in my body was popping out but i dont think it did much as far as augmenting my strenth in any way so far.
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Old 07-27-2005, 09:04 AM
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Default 7-27

today i ran 1/2 mile in 2:01 (on a trendmill) before breakfast (realy early)
Todays lift definitly wasn't the best ive had I was still a lil tired lifted at 515
starting on saturday im going to start doing high rep lower weight for awhile ive reached a point where i have stopped going up in my bench while doing the 3*5(or less)

DumbellBench 50*5 55*3 50*6(dang! )
decline 135*5 145*5 145*3
inclinedumbell-45*8 45*5 45*5

Ok here is a strange bicep workout 40's*10 35's*15 30's*15 25's*20 20's*25 20's*25 25's*15 30's*10 40's*(OH SHOOT I CANT LIFT 40# anymore) 30's*10 25*10 15*40 10*40 10*40 I started with about 10 second between each set then moved up to about 20 and by the last 2-3 sets i took 1/2 minute rest and by the end my biceps were pumped like a mother and stiff as a board

inclined flys-25*8*3
pushups(feet on bench,dimond,regular with 5 second pause at bottom) 20,10,10
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