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WantingMuscle7 06-05-2006 08:11 PM

Wantings Summer Prog.
Today I Purchased M.A.S.S. Cycle from NxCare

Heres some backround information about it


NxCare is proud to introduce what will surely change bodybuilding history and send shock waves through the supplement industry – the MASS SystemTM! MASS System is NxCare's ultimate supplement stack for packing on rock-solid muscle mass and gaining strength as fast as possible! By combining NxCare's potent, scientifically advanced supplements ANAVOL™, NITRO T3™ and AMINOVOL™ together in a state-of-the-art, 21-day supplementation program, (, you're guaranteed to prime your internal anabolic environment for relentless growth. You'll quickly be on your way to becoming more massive than you ever thought possible! Your muscles will be pumped like never before, your strength will skyrocket and you'll become a force to be reckoned with in the gym.

ANAVOL ™ is the most powerful creatine product of its kind! The combination of creatine alpha-ketoglutarate and glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate work synergistically to pull in more water than ever before, creating a phenomenal anabolic environment for muscle growth! ANAVOL also contains citrulline-malate which helps increase nitric oxide (NO) levels to help keep your muscles pumped, while delivering more nutrients exactly where they’re needed most. Together, the combination of creatine alpha-ketoglutarate, glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate and citrulline-malate is phenomenal! To maximize ANAVOL’s effects, NxCare Inc. has developed XTEND24™, an advanced time release technology that delivers a steady supply of ANAVOL all day long!
Nitro T3

NITRO T3TM is the world’s first anabolic compound that increases both nitric oxide and testosterone at the same time! NITRO T3’s state-of-the-art formula contains 10 exclusive complexes designed to not only maximize testosterone and nitric oxide, but also minimize estrogen, DHT and cortisol. NITRO T3’s science-backed formula also contains two complexes that increase absorption of all components found in NITRO T3 and boost steroid receptor site transduction.

After intensive research, NxCare Inc. is proud to introduce the biggest breakthrough in amino acid technology to hit bodybuilding in the past three decades – AMINOVOL™ – the world's first advanced protein synthesis stimulator! As the third supplement in NxCare’s MASS Cycle, AMINOVOL is scientifically designed to dramatically increase protein synthesis at the cellular level, helping you stack on mass fast! AMINOVOL’s advanced amino acid technology, combined with XTEND24™ and AbsorbMax™, delivers a sustained release of large doses of essential, non-essential and branch chain amino acids, keeping your muscles anabolic and anti-catabolic all day long. Add AMINOVOL to your diet and exercise program to help preserve your muscle mass and glycogen stores, allowing you to lift more weight every time you enter the gym – a surefire way to pack on muscle mass!

That’s not all. AMINOVOL also contains four anabolic ingredients never before seen in bodybuilding to help maximize protein synthesis, increase energy levels and create the ultimate anabolic/anti-catabolic environment for building muscle mass: tri-glutamine arginine, tri-glutamine malate, tri-arginine orotate and tri-glutamine orotate.
Now that that's out of the way

Its 21-day cycle for about $41 at GNC I figured for $41 I could give it a shot.
If I find good results I'll continue it through the summer at the same time I'm taking a Multi Vitamin and Whey Protien. My diet will be anywhere from 150-200+ grams a day. I don't really count carbs and fats and am thinking as long as I dont pig out on unnecessary things I should be alright.

As of right now I do very little cardio except for playing basketball a couple times a week for 30mins to an hour. Since school is out I think it will be hard to get a game going so I'll take that out and run a couple times a week for 30 mins or so.

The Mass Cycle came with a workout routine any input on how effective it would be reading the book its actually quiet detailed

Day1:Chest/Back (exercise,sets,reps,rest between)
Bench Press-(4)(8,8,8,5)(3)
Bent Over Row-(4)(8,8,8,5)(3)
Incline DB Press-(3)(7,7,7)(3)
Seated Row-(2)(10,10)(2-3)


Squats-(4)(8,8,8,5)(3 mins 4 before last set)
Leg Press-(4)(10,10,10,8)(2)
Leg Extension-(3)(10,10,8)(2-3)
seated calf raise-(3)(10,10,10)(2)
Side DB Lunge-(3)(8,8,8)(2)


Military Press-(4)(8,8,8,5)(3)
Barbell Shrug-(4)(8,8,8,5)(3)
DB lateral Raise-(3)(8,8,8)(3)
DB Shrug-(3)(8,8,8)(3)
Bent Over Lateral-(2)(10,10)(2)
Plate Raise-(2)(10,10)(2)


Barbell Curl-(4)(10,10,10,8)(2-3)
French Press-(4)(10,10,10,8)(2-3)
Rope Crunch-(4)(10,10,10,10)(2)
Incline DB Curl-(3)(8,8,8)(2-3)
Tricep Pushdowns-(3)(8,8,8)(2-3)
Leg Raise-(4)(failure)(2)


Day9: refer to day 1


Day11: refer to day 2

So on to day 21

Let me know how you like it and if you have any comments/suggestions on how I could make it more beneficial to myself

I think thats enough typing for now I'll post more later.

WantingMuscle7 06-07-2006 07:02 PM

Day1:I woke up took 2 multis and 3 anavol pills.
had school till 11 (last day) got home too pwo shake with 3 more anavol pills
Had a pretty good workout all and all. A little more volume than I'm used to but I got through all right. Got home and took post w/o shake then had to head to work. my total protien is about 230grams today which is the min. id like to have. I would of ate more but between school and then work 3-8 it messed with my day. Also school was a reason that I wasn't going to do this until now.

Current weight:143
Goal by the end of the 21 day cycle: 155-160
Goal by the end of the summer:170

I hope those are realistic goals The biggest part is just eating and every free time I have will involve eating/digesting

WantingMuscle7 06-08-2006 09:09 PM

Day2:Rest day chest was sore as hell, but heres the diet today
woke up had 3 eggs and some slices of bacon 24gs of Protien
2 hours later (10:30ish) Bowl of cereal with scoop of whey about 35g
12:30 can of tuna 48gs
I was stuffed till 5ish had a hamburger 25g
Finished night off w/ shake 60gs
Todays total: 192 I should of had one more meal even if I had to force myself another tuna sandwhich or something that would of bumped me up there

Work out days are easier I usually get 100 grams or so from shakes
not really caring about gaining fat not to say I want to gain like 5lbs+ in it but if I gain some no big deal.

WantingMuscle7 06-11-2006 06:29 AM

Haven't posted in awhile. Day3 (legs)almost kicked my ass but I got through it though now day 5 they are still sore. Day4 was just a rest day and today I woke up extra early before work to get in my workout.It was shoulders and traps which I have not done in a few weeks now. Reason being after every workout my right hsoulder would kill me. So far its not hurting which im pleased about.

So far I'm happy with this cycle. Any results right now are probably in my mind, but im optimistic about this. I am finding it hard to eat though every 2-2.1/2 hours I try getting a meal in and its hard.

WantingMuscle7 06-14-2006 06:03 PM

Well tomorrow is day 9. First time hitting chest again I'm hoping to put up more weight than last time. Arms went well aside of working out with old men. I came out smelling like Old Spice. Experimented with Protein Pancakes not bad even though they came out chocolate do to my powder. They do need syrup cause otherwise it's really dry. 200g a day is my goal workout days its over that cause I drink about 100g.

Darkhorse 06-14-2006 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by WantingMuscle7
Day2:Rest day chest was sore as hell, but heres the diet today
woke up had 3 eggs and some slices of bacon 24gs of Protien
2 hours later (10:30ish) Bowl of cereal with scoop of whey about 35g
12:30 can of tuna 48gs
I was stuffed till 5ish had a hamburger 25g

Just dropping by. I see two things.

1.) One can of tuna at 12:30 filled you up until 5ish?
2.) Where's the carbs? It's just as important as protein for bulking! I see a bowl of cereal, and the bun for your hamburger. You NEED carbs or you're not going to grow.

WantingMuscle7 06-14-2006 07:47 PM

I couldn't eat that day. My appetite is getting better but yeah I had to force that also I'm drinking a lot more water which is filling me up as well and i need carbs my mom is on a no carb diet so she stopped buying bread and it sucks I need to tell her to pick some up.

Darkhorse 06-14-2006 07:54 PM

Tell her to buy you some oatmeal and brown rice. It'll cost her about $10.. Just remember, if you ain't eating, I assure you you're not growing. All depends on how badly you want to achieve those goals you posted. The mass stack won't put the weight on you if you aren't eating.

At least try to eat smaller meals spreadloaded throughout the day. If you get filled up so quickly on so little food, you may need to divide that in half and try to eat a little something every 2 hours.

WantingMuscle7 06-14-2006 08:19 PM

Okay well I told her the convo went a little like this.

Yo mom we need bread so when you can get some good.

she says "I thought you weren't eating carbs"

me:"No thats you I'm trying to gain"

she gives in and I'll have my carbs now. for breakfast would oatmeal be better than eggs? Or I guess I could do Oatmeal and a shake for morning then workout comeback and have a shake n eggs.

EricT 06-15-2006 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by Wanting
for breakfast would oatmeal be better than eggs? Or I guess I could do Oatmeal and a shake for morning

You workout in the morning? Then go with whatever you have time to digest and is going to make carbs AND protein availible in time for you workout. Doesn't sound like you have super quick digestion so you prob want a pre workout shake if you workout is first thing. Better yet, imo, if you're flexible move you workout up so you have time to fuel up better plus have a pre shake. Cuz, ideally, the answer to your question would be eggs AND oatmeal. Or, a shake, then eggs and oatmeal.

It sounds like you're working on your appetite while at the same time you may be worried about putting on fat....that's a psychological block that could sabatoge you.

Even though you don't eat much do you tend to keep on fat anyway? I can understand how hard that could be. But the bottom line is you've got to get your calories into gain land like 0311 said. You'd be much better off CONCENTRATING on moving up you calories to a predetermined level and see how you gain. If you start to gain an unexceptable level of fat then you can adjust. And you haven't even considered the macronutrient ratio yet which, although I'm no expert, can make a big difference in fat gain...

It's all about nutrient partitioning. Get some fish/flax oil also if you need it for proper fatty acid motabolism.

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