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Working out - the first 30 days.

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Default Working out - the first 30 days.

This is the start of my log of USP Labs Prime, a couple of different protein powders, a workout routine, and my journey towards looking ripped.
I started working out in early June about the time I purchased Prime. However, I was out of shape in a very bad wayófor me at least. I weighed close to 190, but it wasnít as much muscle as it should have been. I was out of shape also in that 5 minutes on a the bike or treadmill wasnít much fun, as I was huffing and puffing a bitóa sad state for a 27-year-old (in my opinion).
So I started working out probably the first week in June or so. I wanted to be in much better shape and have my body used to a regular exercise routine before I went nuts on supplements. I cut back on uber fatty food, and switched to diet ginger ale (more on this later), and started working out 3-5 times a week for 30-50 minutes at a time. Thank God my flat tire went away quickly. I started noticing definition (and I took pix at the start of all of it, thank goodness!) and my wife started noticing that I was a tad bit more cut, and a little less flabby. By no means was I ďfatĒ at any point, but it was a sub-par state to be in for me.
After my initial workouts I was using Syntha-6, a BSN product that I just love. Someone with more knowledge than I has the ability to compare results from two different protein powders, but as for me I just try to find a good, reputable company and go for it. In the past I had used MonsterMilk, and MuscleMilk. I slightly preferred the Monster, but I think thatís a subjective statement.
I started using Syntha-6 on the recommendation of Clarence Lee, a former NCAA linebacker, and the strongest man to ever play college ball. He can bench well over 600 pounds, and has been known to do over 700 pushups consecutively. He can also bend a piece of rebar in his teethóand that Iíve seen him do. To say that heís huge is a gross understatement. The guy is a human freight train. Heís also a wonderful speaker and a great human being.
He may have told me about Prime, but I donít rememberóI had won a Kurt Warner autographed ball earlier in the evening, so I was a little bit jazzed. I think he did, and Prime and the Syntha-6 were the only products he recommended to me.
As for Syntha-6, well, I love it. It just flat tastes good. Itís creamy, and smooth and doesnít taste weird (I have the Strawberry Shake flavor). I put two scoops in the blender with a handful of frozen strawberries, (and sometimes blueberries, or whatever else I have on hand), and milk and blend it up. Itís freakiní yummyÖlike a shake from In-n-Out.
Having run out of my bargain Syntha-6 Iíve recently started using the strawberry variant of MonsterMilk, and I donít care for it really. Itís got a weird, bitter, chemically taste to it. Iím not sure about results, but for taste Synth-6 is easily superior. But Iím digressing.
Come July I started using the Prime, 5 caps a day in a 2-1-2 dosage. I wish I could do more, but I only have one bottle, and my wife got laid off, so money is very tight right now. I have probably one shot at using this for a while, so I have to make it count. I have a 150-pill bottle, and thatís 5 pills a day for 30 days. So weíll see what happens in 30 days. Hopefully Iíll go from scrawny geek to MMA superhero in four weeks flat. Just kidding!
Days 1, 2, and 3, have been good thus far on the Prime. Itís by no means an instant ďOMG!!111!1!Ē feeling. Honestly there was a small difference on Day 1, but not a ton. Day 2 a little bit more, I definitely noticed a little bit of a pump. Day 3, again, slightly more. Iím not sure if my varying exercises are the cause of the increased pump or not, as I have just started skull crushers and a few other nifty tricks as learned from exrx.net. It is very possible that the Prime has something to do with it, as I usually donít get a very good pump just from coffee, Gatorade, and a workout.
I have been sleeping very well the last few daysóthis may be from Prime, maybe not, a good couple of weeks will tell. There are reports of Prime helping with sleep, blah blah blah. If I keep sleeping like I have been, then yes, I would definitely attribute that to the Prime. Prime doesnít make me sick to my stomach, which is nice. It didnít give me the boost like MonsterPump or BlackPowder did, but then those made me feel like ralphing, and who wants to do crunches or Dragon Flags when you feeling like puking up your expensive booster?
It might have made me a tad gassier, but I canít say for sure. Itís definitely not bad by any stretch.
On day 3 I went further in my workout than usual. Recently itís been a 30-35 minute affair, but today I went the extra 10-15 without a problem. Again, a plus, but Iím curious to see if it continues.
My diet is a sore spot for a number of reasons. Being broke doesnít help, but we really do our best. Chicken is cooked by baking, or with olive oil. We eat more salad, and try to avoid super fatty meals, grease, sugar, etc. Part of the problem is my job, as my workplace has decided that itís no longer worth it to feed us like they used to. To complicate matters further, I have ended up working a lot of doubles with no food, aside from a protein bar. As many of you know the restaurant industry is rife with long, breakless shifts, bad food, no food, and lots of soda.
Itís hard to gain weight when you donít get a lunch, or a lunch break. Itís hard to build muscle without eating. Hopefully things will change soon there.
And yes, it is illegal. Walk into most restaurants and youíll find labor laws getting violated left and right. It comes with the territory.
To make matters more difficult, I have a weird/screwed up stomach. Ginger helps, so I drink a lot of ginger ale to settle it down. I drink diet, because I donít want the sugar of regular soda. I think the weak stomach makes it very difficult to use a pre-workout booster, like MonsterPump, etc. I can definitely tell that it helps and that I go further, but it usually ends up giving me terrible diarrhea or making me nauseous, neither of which are helping when going for a PR.
So I try to eat as best I can, but itís far from optimal. For the most part it involves avoiding as much bad stuff as possible, and trying to eat more good stuff. Pretty simple. I donít split hairs much though. I look at it this way: spaghetti at home is better than McDooDoos, Crap-in-the-Box, or ToxicHell. Spag may or may not be optimal, but Iíll take it any day over a grease soaked #3.
My work out routine is fairly simple: 10-15 minutes on the bike or treadmill, (sometimes more if I am focusing on cardio that day), followed by weight lifting. Generally I do 2 or 3 different exercises per day. For instance, today, day 3 of Prime, I did 12 minutes on the bike, getting my heart rate up above 110 for a good ten minutes. Then I did curls on the cable machine with the preacherís bench, flies, and one or two other dumbbell exercises that focused on the shoulders. I just donít know the names of them. So today we focused on biceps and shoulders. Yesterday the focus was triceps and abs. Tomorrow will hopefully be chest and triceps. Weíll see.
For substances and supplements:
I start with coffee as a pre-workout drink. Not much, just a little. It helps a little, and I feel the difference without it.
I drink about a liter of Gatorade while working out. Just the plain yellow stuff.
After working out I immediately make a protein shake as described earlier.
I take 2 Primes in the morning, one at lunch, and two more around dinner.
Iím 6 foot and about an inch, and I weigh about 183. It fluxes, but only a little. Iíd love to put on 17 pounds of muscle mass.
Iíve got a fast metabolism to the point of hypoglycemia, and Iíve always been a tad scrawny.
So thatís me. I like what Iíve heard about Prime, but weíll see what it does.
I do think that some things work for some people and not others, and more for some and less for others. Iím very eager to see what it does for me, and my initial feelings are positive. Because I have little if any fat in the way, the results should be fairly apparent.

Day 1 - Day 30

Day 1 - Day 30

I might add that all I've done during this period is 2-5 workouts a week, Syntha-6, coffee, and some Gatorade.
The work outs were at least 10-20 min of cardio/fatburn.
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