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rod 07-16-2008 12:29 PM

3 day split is it ok?
for a 3 day split whats good. i do, Monday, back, biceps, traps, abs, Tuesday, triceps and chest, wednesday, cardio, legs. is this OK or does anyone have a BETTER WAY? i like to get my work out in on those days.

ChinPieceDave667 07-16-2008 12:36 PM

Look at the journal section that have "Starting Strength" or SS in them. They are much better than what you purposed and have been proven to work.

Also, this should be in the training section not powerlifting.

mi55 05-23-2010 05:18 AM

What is your goal? Strength? Size? I wouldn't focus too much on isolation movements like biceps, traps etc. because they're small muscles. Instead, I would focus more on compound movements like bench, deads, and squats. Try Monday, Bench, incline DB Press, Standing rows, and deads. Now on monday, you not only working chest/back, your indirectly workin out your biceps, traps, core, forearms, and small muscles like that. On tuesday, Military Barbell press, Squats, stiff legged deads. and on the last workout day since you can only workout three days, i would have the last day squats, deads, bench. Just because theres going to be a long rest period till day 1 again.. i hope i helped out

iron_worker 06-03-2010 10:06 AM

Well you've got it right that he should be doing the compound movements but are you suggesting the he workout 3 days in a row and what looks like all are full body workouts. That would be torture.

If you're going to do a 3x/week full body routine then at least split up to mon/wed/friday or tues/thurs/sat or something like that. Proper rest is important for all movements. Without proper rest your performance will suffer, your gains will suffer, and your form will likely suffer which could lead to injury.


build 04-12-2011 09:37 PM

As I always do, I will not include one workout that I feel is THE best for the category, but rather, give you 3 different routines, which are my favorite 3-day splits, that have been proven to yield solid results in both strength and hypertrophy gains. If you like you can complete all 3 routines in 36 weeks (12 weeks/routine)...

altrock 04-26-2011 01:57 PM

Where is your day for shoulders?

gt55yw 05-11-2011 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by altrock (Post 89589)
Where is your day for shoulders?

I thought his post about three days in a row for lifting was crazy, but a shoulders day? An entire day for shoulders? If he wants anything to do with powerlifting, than shoulders does not have a day, especially limited to three days.

I would run it like a competition. Do squats monday, bench on wednesday, and then deads on friday.

Squat is your hardest workout. If you want to get strong, it's your most important. You should be fully rested, and 100% ready for it. Also, being the most important you should do it first.
Bench is next because it is a break for your back and legs between squat and deads.
Then deads. I feel it's the easiest, less stressful, and kind of a joke, really. And after deads you have your sat and Sunday off for resting.

Kevsworld 05-22-2011 10:36 AM

If you are still relatively new to training you may want to consider a full body routine. I think you'd get much better results with this as a novel lifter.

Once you become more advanced you may want to look into simple upper/lower body splits. There are some really good ones in Jason Ferruggia's Minimalist Training.

IronandIvory 06-07-2011 12:23 AM

When I start powerlifting on a 3-day cycle I model my workouts around DC Training. But if youre more "novice" per say then be aware thats much more advanced

Ted 06-18-2011 06:48 PM

^same here

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