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Hilton 07-12-2008 07:41 AM

New Bench Shirt
I just purchased my first bench shirt about two weeks ago. It is the "Heavy Duty Blast Shirt" from Inzer. I have done some research about the form and how to get it on and in place but most of the stuff i read about getting the tention in the right place was for open backed shirts. When i tried it it didn't help that much. I know its not magical and you have to get the form down. I thought i got it close and it didnt help. The real consern i had was that it was really tight right under my shoulder. When i took it off i had some brusing and bleeding at the spot of the tention. I have a vid. of my form and a pic. of the spot of the tention if that would help detect the problem.

thanks for the help

Darkhorse 07-12-2008 09:27 AM

You may think you have the form down, but it takes a long time to get it down. It's not uncommon to not increase your numbers starting out. I've never used a bench shirt before, but the more I read about it, the more I suspect that it takes A LOT of practice to get the most out of your shirt. So don't get discouraged when you rush to the gym hoping to bench something stellar. Just keep at it and work those triceps!

Hilton 07-12-2008 09:34 AM

hah yea i think that i thought if i got SOME of the form down then i would go up a little in weight but you really need to be perfect to get the most out of it

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