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Thought this was kind of funny: New PL'ing fed...

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Old 07-02-2007, 10:50 PM
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Cool Thought this was kind of funny: New PL'ing fed...

Found this on powerliftingwatch.com

I would like to also take the time to announce the formation of a much needed powerlifting federation which will be known from this day forward as the WPFNIABDLPC (don't concern yourself with what each of the letters stands for). This fed has been a long time coming and will seek to combine all that is holy and good in the world of powerlifting. Features will include:

- approximately 200 divisions to accomodate things such as age, profession, gear type, RAAAAAAW, sex, sexual orientation (there has never been a truly open fed by this definition) as well as clique (Elite, WSB, BIG, etc)

- We will be drug testing but only those who want to test. As well as those who want to give the sample to claim drug free but not actually test it so we will never know and that way no one is banned or held accountable. Also, and this is very important, we will test and give awards for the MOST drugs found in your system (no one has the guts to do that yet).

- We will give out prize money but not require entry fees if you have ever had a "big" total.

- You will squat as low as you want to squat and be given time on the mic after your third attempt based on how low you went. For instance quarter squats only get 5 seconds to talk about how strong they are and ATG squats get 30 seconds to talk about how they could have done more but went lower so the lower weight actually means they are stronger. There will be a formula used in relation to parallel that gives a multiplier greater than 1 for every inch below parallel and less than 1 for every inch above parallel. So 1100lbs 6 inches above parallel will work out to roughly 700lbs at parallel and 800lbs 3 inches below parallel will work out to roughly 1100lbs. This levels the squat field while letting you decide how deep to go.

- Benches will use a formula similar to the parallel formula for touch and go or paused benches. Details of this formula are still being worked out. STAY TUNED!!

- Deads will not have to be locked out fully if you don't want to and you get the option of doing reps for an accumulated DL total. Also you can pick the bar up and if it slips, just call "Mulligan" and you will get 1 extra try per attempt just to be fair.

At this time I would like to announce that we will ALSO be at the FitExpo in Los Angeles with the WPO and USPF and pretty much anyone else who is interested in holding a competition at the same time.

Be aware of the 7 day weigh in requirement though and plan your week accordingly. There is also a floating formula for how early you weigh in. The closer to lifting you weigh in the more credit you get for lifting in your actual weight class. But if you choose to weigh in a full week before you can either show up and get on the scale at an emaciated weight so you can then bulk up 30 - 35lbs or if you want you can call your weight in and we will take your word for it.

I hope that this little glimpse into the newest and greatest federation possibly in the history of the world has you as excited about the world of powerlifting as I am! I know you all agree this is exactly what we needed.

Stay tuned for more from the home office!!!!!

Lift Strong,


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Old 07-05-2007, 06:12 PM
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I'll bet the Weiders are behind this, lol!
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