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Amino 2222 + Celltech & Diabetise ? ? ?

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Old 01-31-2010, 03:28 AM
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Default Amino 2222 + Celltech & Diabetise ? ? ?

Hi guys,
I have a very serious question please do reply and help me out. I have a friend and he just started hitting gym and he is using some supplements. Its AMINO 2222 softgel along with CellTech without consulting his doc and he is doing preety well. But today a person appeared in our gym he registered and by the look am sure he got some exprience in bodybuilding. After a lil chitchat with my friend when he finds out about his diabetise illness and directly told him to stop taking supplements and told him to do natural bodybuilding increase our meal and change the schedule it'll take longer time to achieve your then taking supplements but this way'll be safe rather then you go with supplements and endup at hospital taking insoline shots bcoz every supplement has got different amount of sugar but all of them have it. Now guyz please reply and tell me if he really need to leave supplements and do in the natural way as that person told him to do or he can have the supplement he is using "AMINO 2222 SoftGel & CellTech" and at the moment he has got not problem with them his blood sugar level is stable as well. My friend is hitting gym 6 times a week hour daily. He is very very confused right now thats why i am asking you peoples help because you guys have experience which is way much better then theory. Please reply as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance
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Old 02-01-2010, 05:02 PM
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I doubt supplements would cause diabetes unless someone was taking ridiculous amounts of them or something...I don't know for sure but just wow, sounds ridiculous. Also, if supps did cause diabetes I don't think the two you mentioned would cause anything like that. I have heard that eating too many carbs over long periods of time can cause some form of diabetes but that is also if you are just loading up on carbs all the time and not eating enough of the other good stuff.
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