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JD818 06-02-2005 09:48 PM

Creatine Question
I've been doing research on creatine lately and I think I'm safe with this, but still want some more opinions.

I've been on a program to lose fat, a serious amount, and I wanted to incorporate some weight lifting in. I still have some left to lose and was wondering if creatine is OK to take. I want to increase lean muscle mass in some areas, bulk up in others, etc. But overall I'm really concerned on maintaining fat burn while gaining the lean muscle.

I read that taking it had some benefits for fat loss, and of course gaining more muscle helps the process. Whats your opinion? Thanks.

WantingMuscle7 06-03-2005 04:35 AM

I would say ur safe taking it if u want a lil more info heres a website i quickly looked up w/ creatine info as well as a few other things

Darkhorse 06-03-2005 02:27 PM

While cutting I wouldn't go over 5 grams of creatine if any at all. It works by pulling some water into your muscles sometimes causing bloat. If you are trying to cut, it might hide some of your results. If anything, just try cee.

Yung Wun 06-05-2005 12:20 PM

go ahead, its particularly useful if your dieting and want to maintain strength.
the water retention from creatine was a side effect, but companies spun it around and marketed it.

Dr X 06-10-2005 01:14 PM

I'm on creatine year around.

Yung Wun: Great sig

jizzmasterzero 06-10-2005 01:32 PM

dr x do you still cycle if your on it all year long?

Linebacker01 06-10-2005 06:57 PM

I actualy had a conversation with a guy up and GnC who told me that he had read that the body couldnt process more than 5g of creatine a day,now if this is true I Dk anyone else heard of this...

I take creatine 2 btw...

BG5150 06-10-2005 09:31 PM

for a lot of people, 5g is enough per day. any more is wasted and processed through the kidneys.

However, when you take a lot of the creatine supplements, a lot of the creatine turns into creatinine before it gets to the muscles. Creatinine is useless (and a bit toxic from what I've read). So when a product says it contains 5g per serving, your body might not be absorbing that amount.

That is why a "loading" phase is recommended by some. The idea is to saturate the muscles w/ the creatine, so they are always "full". Afterwards, only "maintenance" is needed, that is just replenishing what is lost.

The "suggested" dosages are in loading, 20g via three or four doses a day and for maintenence, 8-10g a day through two or three doses.

apocalypse 06-10-2005 10:55 PM

I tend to disagree about that 5 g per day dosage.
Here is What david Tolson had to say.


According to a study measuring 24-hour urinary excretion of creatine and creatinine, resistance-trained athletes can generally utilize about 50 mg/kg of creatine per day (about 3.5-6 grams) (17). Since creatine is so inexpensive and effective, it is generally best to overshoot this mark. Most users choose to supplement with 5-15 grams daily, spread out over 2-3 doses.

Darkhorse 06-11-2005 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by apocalypse
I tend to disagree about that 5 g per day dosage.
Here is What david Tolson had to say.

I completely agree with you. With regular creatine, I take 5 grams preworkout, 10 grams postworkout. I also agree that the body can only hold so much creatine, but anyone who takes 5 grams a day is pissing away his money.

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