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GAKIC Review

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Old 11-03-2005, 06:47 PM
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Default GAKIC Review

So I've finished the bottle and this is what I determined.

Doses:8 pills 3 days a week 30-45 mins before a workout. Taken with a protien shake.

First day: Curious to see if it worked I loaded up on it waited 45 mins then boosted my bench up more than I could do day before to see if this works. I was happy to see that it did infact work and did boost my weight.

First week: Weights in all areas of my routine are steadily rising.

Second week: Weights in all areas except bench rise while I'm forced to redo the failed workout for bench.

Third week: Move past the problem with my bench and all other areas seem to be fine.

Fourth: Everything in my rountine continues as planned.

Fifth: Problem with bench again.

Routine/Review: I currently do a 5x5 routine which I do not think benefits from this supplement much. From reading the supplement this is probably only going to work within the first 3 sets which really wouldn't help me in the later sets which are the hardest. I do not blame the supplement for not working on my sets it maybe infact that I must tweak my rountine for bench possibly. If you use this product I suggest that you go with maybe a 3x3 or other routine that would benefit you in the first 3 sets.
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