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sdt19 01-12-2006 01:38 PM

Good Pre-Workout?
I was looking into something to help with my intensity/energy/focus for rite before my wrkouts. I came across BSN NO-Xplode and Muscletech Gakic. Can anyone reccomend one of these or any others?

hrdgain81 01-13-2006 07:11 AM

Gakic has no stimulant effects at all.

There are suppliment reviews on it in the testers sections, go check them out.

slayer of souls 01-13-2006 07:23 AM

Xplode and Eng Xpand are both good options. IMO, Xpand is rather high in caffeine @ 220mgs so I suggest you reduce the dosage.

RoryL 01-13-2006 12:01 PM and easy or
E/C stack or
I also like Nitro Speed by John Scott's Nitro.

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