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l-Carnitine and CLA

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Old 02-18-2017, 03:39 AM
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Default l-Carnitine and CLA

Hello guys. I want to ask you about using of l-Carnitine and CLA. I know there is information about it in the forum but mine is a little bit special case.(Don't escalade your expectations, anyway.

I'm 22 years old. Height 1.79m and Weight is 75kg. 'Till last summer, I've done boxing for 2 years. But at that time I was smoking the green thing and eating fast food almost everyday. Despite that I adore boxing, it really didn't effect me physically. My weight was changing between 90 and 105 kg's at that time. But last summer, I stopped smoking, I got myself into a strict protein diet and started to exercise regularly.(Cardio, gym, muay thai.) Then, I changed the country I live, now I don't go to gym but I exercise 4 days in a week with my Bodyweight(Freeletics) and doing cardio 3 days in a week. My cardio program consists 6-10 kilometers of moderate pace runs or 2-4 kilometers of sprints. Now I'm 75 kg's.

At the beginning, this sudden weight loss cost me a lot of muscles but not fat. Since 1 month I've started to regain the muscles I've had lost. But despite the strict protein diet and exercise program I do, I can't lose fat. So I'm thinking about using l-Carnitine and CLA. If I do it, I'm gonna use it for 6 months first. I will use it only before my cardio.

My fear is, I do not have weight problem but have a fat problem. Would it be useful to use those supplements? Or do you have any else suggestions?

Thank you for your answers. And please pardon my English if there are any mistakes.
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