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Frontline 03-03-2005 12:14 PM

Lipo 6 Review
This is another product I have been trying over the past few weeks during my cutting cycle. Overall Lipo 6 seems to be a pretty solid ephedra free weight loss supplement and does a very good job at decreasing your appetite which is great during cutting. The cost per bottle is about $30 for the liquid caps and about $27 for the regular capsules. I really don't think there is much difference between the two from what I can tell, maybe just quick absorbtion with the liquid caps.

The best results I have gotten from Lipo 6 is stacking it with Ephedrine HCL tabs because Lipo 6 already contains caffeine and yohimbine, thus making it an ECY stack instead of a ephedrine free product. Besides Yohimbine and Caffeine, Lipo 6 also contains Synephrine which helps supress appetite.

I have been taking the pills 3 times daily (2 per dosage + 1 ephedrine hcl tab) and have had pretty steady weightloss or maintenance depending on how strick I was on my diet. The only side affect that I have noticed is that it causes you to sweat alot in the pits, which my other buddy taking it confirmed, but that is a common side effect to yohimbine. I would definately recommend this to you wholike ephedra free dieting supplements and would recommend it for those of you who like to stack it with ephedrine also.

Snachito 03-03-2005 07:14 PM

Hey Sleazy is this an Avant labs product?

Snachito 03-03-2005 07:15 PM

And Sleazy this is o/t but how the hell can I get rid of the edit thing on the lower end of my posts!

Frontline 03-03-2005 09:44 PM

Lipo 6 is made by Nutrex Research, not Avant Labs.

Avant Labs is most known for their topical weightloss drugs like Ab-Solved,
LipoDerm-ULTRA, and LipoDerm-Y which contain yohimbine hcl. I personally have tried lipoderm-y and absolved and I really didn't notice much help from it except a tightening of the area I applied it to. Some people say they are great if you need to tighten up a specific area during a very clean diet and cutting program, so I can't really say whether I recommend it or not.

The edit button at the bottom of your posts is just an option button if you make a post and want to edit it I can't get rid of it without disabling editing. Avatars are enabled now though, so feel free to personalize your posts with some bouncing boobies or something :)

Dave876 03-04-2005 03:43 AM

Do you notice a sick in the stomach feeling while on al this?I have heard of people upsetting their stomachs when combining E+Y...

Frontline 03-04-2005 08:36 AM

Personally no, but I have been using ephedrine for quite a while so most side effects I don't notice. When first taking this stack the only thing I noticed was a HUGE drop in appetite and semi full feeling, no upset stomach from the yohimbine though.

justbig 03-09-2005 04:03 PM

somatroph hgh
i have been taking human growth complex for about two weeks and noticed that my appieatite has blown way out of control.Is there anybody in here with any more info other than what it explains on it's web site.
has any body in here ever try somatroph hgh a guy at the dungeon said it is the best cycle he has ever had . it is made sdi labs :eek:

LRX58 03-14-2005 08:00 AM

Looking for guidance
Hey just wondering if anyone can offer me advice. I am 5'8" and weigh 325. I have a lot of fat and a lot of muscle combined. I have tried different diets and the protein one seemed to work, SLOWLY. I lost 70lbs in a year. I got off it and gained 25. During this time I kept to a decent workout 5 days a week. Not much cardio though just intense lifting. I used Hot Rocks and Animal Cuts to help. I drink whey protein and creatine and take Glutamine. What else can I do to get rid of the excess baggage. Are there any supllements out there that could better my workout and speed up myweight loss. HELP!

Big Boy

Fool 03-14-2005 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by LRX58
What else can I do to get rid of the excess baggage. Are there any supllements out there that could better my workout and speed up myweight loss. HELP!

Big Boy

You've really got to look at your diet man, I used to weigh 320lbs. My bet is you're consuming far too many calories from carbs and that your body is very carb sensitive.

Go ahead and start a thread in the training forum, you'll get a better response there as far as what we can do for you.

LRX58 03-14-2005 12:21 PM

thank you

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