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Nitrix and creatine stack??????

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Old 01-31-2008, 06:36 AM
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Please, guys, if you want to take an "NO" suppliment, the only one proven to do anything significant is citruline malate. It is not a "mass" suppliment, it will help with endurance, both cardio and muscular. And it will give you a "pump' which by the way is perhaps one of the most useless things you can achieve. yes a "pump" means there is more blood flow to an area, and most suppliment companies will tell you that means more nutrients going to the muslces. Thats all well and good, but how do you quantify that, how much more ... have you ever felt better recovery from an "NO" suppliment, I sure as shit havent. Not to mention, if you take too much of that crap, you get so pumped, you can hardly lift. I get cramps in my forearms so bad I cant hold the bar, shit is useless unless its citruline.

Some people are creatine "non-responders", I dont know that there is a difinitive answer for why, but just as with vitamins, some people have dificiencies, and some dont. Once your muscles are saturated with creatine, that is it, so if your already at the max level before supplimentation, guess what, your pissing all of that creatine out.

As for BSN supps, use them if you feel like it, but dont go hyping them like they are gods gift to suppliments. They are overpriced, and over hyped, you will get better results buying bulk powders, not to mention it will save you a shit ton of money.
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