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IronandIvory 06-16-2011 09:51 PM

Of Mind and Muscle - A Review on SNS Focus XT
Huge shout out to the team at Serious Nutrition Solutions for hooking me up with a tub of Focus XT. I've used a few of their products over the years and have had nothing short of satisfaction with my results. It's a priveledge to be giving a full review on this product.

Why I need to FOCUS
1)At the gym - I'm very social, maybe too social. I get caught up in conversations around me and it affects my tempo. Tried using headphones, I just get preoccupied with the music and the muted people around me - it's actually more distracting. A girl I'm seeing comes in after work close to the end of my workout, she distracts me too. It's the accent, I can't help it.
2)At work - I work night shift as a generalist in a hospital laboratory and responsible for every department. When the floors are busy I'm busy and keep moving; but when the ER is busy I'm running circles. It can get mentally and physically tiresome to keep up with numerous tests running at once, especially when somethings are timed results and everything is STAT. I'm also responsible for all the maintenance of instrumentation in the laboratory which have designated time slots to be performed.
3)In class - Silly me, never took Physics 1/2 in college. Now I need it for my doctorates. Well, back to Rutgers I go! That won't start till September. In addition, studying for the GRE's and MCAT. The GRE isn't so bad, but that MCAT is like pulling teeth! Ugh.

DAY 1 - THURSDAY 6/16Just woke up... I have 45 minutes to throw back a shake and get to the gym for biceps/quads. Time to get my head straight.
INITIAL THOUGHTSAppearance: Is anyone else's somewhat cakey? It's not quite a perfect powder but more confectionate in texture. At first i thought something was wrong because it was only about 3/4 full. Then I read the label, it's supposed to be that way. OK, I can roll with that. No issues scooping.
Mixability: You really don't even need to mix it - maybe a light swirling but that's it. Easily mixed with some cold water.
Taste: A light and refreshing Blue Raspberry. A nice little wake up before I head out the door.
Timeliness of onset: I often use driving as a guage of if my pre-workout is in effect, I think my perception changes and I become more aware of other vehicles. Didn't feel it. It wasn't until I put the headphones on that I began honing in on the task at hand. A good 20 minutes and a trigger - now I'm focused. Nice.
Effectiveness: Now I feel synchronized with the music in my sets. I'm mentally emerged in it as a soundtrack to my lift. Keeping better track of numbers. I have a tendancy to be overambitious with some exercises, I'm making smarter decisions about my motions and weights. A clear mental connection with my body's work and better focus on negative reps. Noticing small things I need to tweak in my motions.
Duration: Lasted long after my lift (usually 45-60 minutes). I go home and eat right after and usually just do small mindless tasks until I unwind. I was pretty quick to jump in the shower and pull out my day's to-do list. Definitely more efficient with my time today.

No crashes, jitters, sickness, head pain, etc. Word up. Stay tuned for episode 2.

IronandIvory 06-18-2011 12:50 PM

DAY 2 - FRIDAY 6/17
Ever have your conscience interrupt your sleep with that thought "Hey, you need to be somewhere soon."
I woke up at 3:21 and I'm expected at the gym by 3:30.. uh oh.:02:

I sprint to get ready, pack my bag, and throw back a shake. A modified version for today.
2 scoops Isopure
No sesame oil - I need this fast acting
1 scoop Focus XT
1 scoop Lit Up - I normally wouldn't do this but I could use the extra pick me up.
Mix with some water... Mmm, like liquid cotton candy with a nutrition profile.::D:

I get there a little late and my trainer busts my ass for it. Ending the week with a big lift - back width and thickness, hamstrings, and abs.
Our back width portion had a few unorthodox motions I've never seen. One was almost like a rear delt DB fly but waaay back and keeping the weight closer to the hip. I got a good momentum out of this but could have easily done it wrong. As I said before - Focus XT gets me concentrating on my form. Another was a lat pull down but as wide a grip possible and reversed. First set hurt my wrists until I understood how to hold it, then it all came clear where to hit it.

My buddy Anthony is a clown 24/7... especially when he got some action the night before, so today he was in circus mode. I was still engaged in conversation but never left sight of what I was really trying to accomplish there. I still maintained quality tempo with my workout while having a social aspect. Not once did I feel (or have my trainer yell at me) I was taking too long between sets or loosing focus.

Got home, ate, showered, and went straight to house chores - man, I'm about to start using this when I need to clean the kitchen!

Sooo I've been reading that there may be a non-caffeine version coming in the future? I would gladly invest in that - I feel like I have so much caffeine from supplements, coffee, tea, etc that I'm immune to it and it may be causing more than needed stress.

I also heard something about a Key Lime Pie flavor?!?!?!?! OMG.

BLACKGT 06-22-2011 12:20 PM

Cool. Thanks for the review.

What part of Newark are you located in?

BLACKGT 06-22-2011 12:21 PM

Cool. Thanks for the review.

What part of Newark are you located in?

Tmno 08-04-2011 04:50 AM

interesting review, thanks

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