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Sleazy's CEE-Pro Final Review

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Old 09-06-2005, 12:27 PM
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Default Sleazy's CEE-Pro Final Review

This review is done after completing a full bottle of CEE-Pro, so I feel it is an accurate description of the results I have gotten from this supplement.

Dosing: I took the suggested dose of 2 pills, 2 times a day. I took the first dose 45 mins prior to my workout and the second with my PWO meal (about 1 hour after consuming my shake.) This dose comes to a total of 4.2 grams of CEE Hcl.

One of the really nice things about this product is that it is in pill form. This was my first time consuming creatine in a pill fashion and it does make things alot easier. These pills are humongous, but are surprisingly easy to swallow. Not having to mess with measuring spoons or clumped up creatine was really nice for a change. I was also doing alot of traveling during this time and simply being able to take a few pills on the road made the product extremely useful.

Another nice benefit of the CEE was that it does not have to be taken with a simple carbohydrate source, so taking this product with just a glass of water was also a nice benefit. This meant I didn't have to mix up some creatine powder in a glass of juice or some dextrose water.

Alot of bulk cee powders have a sour taste to them, sometimes in a near unbearable taste unless it is covered up with artificial sweeteners. Having this supplement in pill form avoided that sour taste that CEE powders sometimes contain since you were able to simply swallow them down.

Side Affects:
The only noticeable side affect I had with this product was a large increase in the amount of water consumed. I felt noticeably thirstier throughout the first two weeks of usage which showed that the CEE was doing its job and absorbing extra water. This was a good sign to me. After the initial two weeks, I felt that my water consumption went back to normal or at least a level that I didn't notice it anymore.

Strength Gains:
This was my first time using the CEE form of creatine. After two weeks I felt that some of my lifts benefited as I was able to bump the weights on skullcrushers, bench, and incline curls. These were lifts that I had been stuck on for quite a while, some being at this level for 4 weeks. So I was happy to see some upward movements in these numbers and being able to perform the same exercises without any change in my normal workout routine.

Two weeks into the trial I got a bad case of tendonitis and had to cut many of my lifts back 25%, so I was unable to accurately judge the full affects that this product had on my strength gains. I did however continue to use the product during my reduced workouts during my recovery period. As I was unable to do many lifts during this two week recovery period, when I came back I felt that the CEE helped to maintain my strength and after the first week back I was able to easily get back to my prior numbers.

Muscle Size:
I did not see any noticeable increase in my muscle size but was really not expecting to. Since I have been using other forms of creatine for such a long time I did not feel that switching types for a month would make a big difference. And once again to be fair, I had to cut back on the amount of weight used for two weeks during my injury.

I did however feel that the additional water intake did make my muscles look a little more bloated, which to some people is all they are looking for.

Because of my injury I was unable to completely test the strength increase capabilities of CEE-Pro. The main benefits of this product for me were its ease of consumption, clean product form, and some added energy in the gym if taken pre workout.

I have seen this product priced around $32 - $35 at most of the major online retailers, which considering each bottle contains 180 caps make this price reasonable for a month and a half supply. Alot of CEE products charge this amount for a supply that runs out in under a month, which makes many of the competing products unattractive.

I was also pleasantly pleased that Muscle Tech actually supplied us with a lab results test that showed that product actually contains the amount of CEE Hcl that the label claims, as many supplement companies numbers do not match the claims on their labels.

Overall I would say that this product is worth trying for creatine beginners as they would see the best results from this product. Being able to have accurate measurements makes it easy to get started on and assured that you are ingesting the right amount. If you are a veteran creatine user (of any form) I am not sure you will benefit as much as others will or see the size/strength gains you are looking for. But if conveinance and price are a big issue for you, then I would recommend this product.
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