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HE>I 03-06-2012 07:32 AM

is it safe to stack gnc's beyond raw re-fine with gnc's beyond raw ravage?

FitnessFreek 03-06-2012 05:17 PM

GNC is bad so I wouldn't haha you can get a lot better products for less money.

HE>I 03-06-2012 06:13 PM

what would you recommend for less?

FitnessFreek 03-07-2012 05:56 PM

You can shop at or somewhere else. GNC is by far the most expensive place and their brand isn't very high quality. I won't recommend any products because I don't really know what those products you listed are. What are they exactly?

TessaAlfred 03-08-2012 03:25 AM

Yes, I too wouldn't recommend this products. Actually it caused much problems to me after being used for a month.. Its effective only but sometimes harming the body.

HE>I 03-08-2012 08:53 PM

gnc refine
Ultra Thermogenic and Metabolic Igniter
Powerful Thermogenic Agents Trigger Dramatic Pre-Training Caloric Burn*
Potent Thermogenic Formula For Rapid Rush And Fatty Acid Metabolism*
Fuels Extreme Physique Repartitioning Workouts And Promotes Anabolic Drive*
Hardcore Metabolic Stack Provides Blistering Intensity And Ignites Metabolism*
Fuel Mind-Blowing, Hardcore Training to Drive Ultra-Ripped Muscularity & Mental Intensity

The intense, focused training you demand to reach your peak potential places incredible stresses on your body. To transform on your physique and perform at the highest level possible, you need to supply your body with a dynamic spectrum of nutrients and metabolic co-factors that enhance performance, promote fatty acid metabolism and support recovery,* Beyond RAW™ Refine is designed specifically to provide the fuel you need to ignite you metabolism,* This revolutionary formula is loaded with a precise array of elements that dramatically transforms your body into a dynamic calorie burning machine.*

Magnify Muscle Energy. Crush Free Radicals. Intensify Mental Focus and Drive.

Beyond RAW™ Refine loads your system with a scientific formula of nutrients that trigger the triad of critical signals needed to magnify your performance: energy, endurance and mental intensity.* It also adds a combination of multi-source polyphenols and a high efficiency muscle intensity.* It also adds a combination of multi-source polyphenols and a high efficiency muscle pH buffer to stave off free radical damage and stimulate key fatigue-controlling factors.* By adding a potent array of anabolic co-factors, powerful antioxidants and a proprietary N.O. Magnifier blend, Beyond RAW™ Refine is the most complete product of its kind, dramatically increasing anabolic drive and muscle cell protection and igniting a rapid rush for protection and igniting a rapid rush for super-charged workouts.*

gnc ravage
Potent, Ultra Concentrated Pre-Workout Hybrid
Powerful, Super Concentrated Vasodilator for outstanding Muscle Pumps and Explosive Power*
Breakthrough Nitric Oxide Anabolic Stack For Maximum Training Intensity Driving Rock Hard Muscle Gains *
Fuels Muscle Volumizing Workouts To Deliver Stunning Muscularity And Strength*
Intrinsic Fatigue Buffers And Muscle Intensity Pumps For Superior Athletic Performance*
Harness The Power Of Beyond RAW™’s Visionary Pre-Workout Fusion – Only One Scoop Necessary!

If you want to attain the ultimate in physique enhancement and athletic performance, you need a systematic plan of attack for success and nutrients that deliver to working muscles. Beyond RAW™ Ravage provides a pre-training, high-intensity explosion loaded with critical building blocks to generate super-charged workouts that produce unmatched muscularity, while triggering key anabolic factors in your body.* Within minutes of taking Ravage, you’ll experience the blitz of ingredients designed specifically to create blazing energy as you strive to achieve bare-knuckle intensity, chiseled vascularity, muscle hardness and sustained strength.

Spectacular Muscle Pumps . Punishing Strength. Razor Sharp Focus.

Beyond RAW™ Ravage is a cutting-edge scientific formula that combines a N.O. Vasodilation Amplifier designed to rush muscle fueling factors and expand branched –chain amino acids into blood vessels, simultaneously triggering vasodilation and generating a massive anabolic environment.* Ravage then adds an ATP Optimizing Creatine Module to ramp up high-energy ATP production, explosive muscle power and strength, while increasing the amount stored in creatine in the muscles and natural creatine production.* Stacked on top is the Muscle Buffering System that activates an intrinsic fatigue controlling factor. To stimulate mental focus and intensity, Ravage adds a cascade of metabolic intensifiers that ignite calorie burning and fatty acid metabolism to intensify your neural drive, so you can shatter records and punch through sticking points.* The results? Ferocious workouts, superior muscularity, and dominating athletic performance.*

FitnessFreek 03-09-2012 12:04 PM

So they are basically a thermogenic and a pre WO. I don't use thermogenics but I'm sure many people will have much better options to tell you. For a pre WO, you can go with jack3d, white flood, no xplode, 1MR, etc, etc.

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