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mikmac 04-23-2009 08:17 AM

stenogen and nitrox atp
what up gees,
I ve been reading in the steroid almanac about this dr. deca cat and hes pumping up this stenogen and nitrox atp.
Has anyone used either? is it good? Is this dr. deca guy for real?
Also they were tlking about finabol and finaject saying it is still legal, I have never even heard of it, so has anyone else?
Last question sorry guys curiosity is killing me or maybe its all preference I dont know but I am hearing more and more about oral steroids, or rx (pill form) I always thought they sucked. I was told that intermuscular injections were the only way to go and that the orals were just a waiste of money.
Do they work? REALLY WORK like intermuscular injections?
I hope someone knows more about this at this point I am lost and in the dark. I hear to many conflicting stories, I wish there was a place were you could always get the truth and the facts with no bullshit anyway any and all help is greatly appreciated thanx bro's, mac

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