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Old 06-06-2008, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by hrdgain81 View Post
I gotta chime in here, I see a lot of BCAA bashing, and to be honest, I love BCAA's. IMO the more the better, I'm taking in 42g a day now and I am loving it. they make me less hungry throughout the day, and help with recovery a great deal.

I know that whey also has a lot of bcaa's, but there is a big difference, atleast for me. If I take in 25g of whey upon waking, 15 min later i'm on the crapper. 21g of bcaa's on the other hand, and I'm on the train on my way to work with no GI issues at all.

to each his/her own but Bcaa's are a staple in my diet.

Now on to john's original question about PRWO (shake?) meal thing. Personally I am not a fan of meals 1hr before a workout, I get too full and I am not comfortable while lifting. I eat usually 2hrs before hand, then slam a shake 30-45min before i hit the wieghts that consists of 25g whey, 40g malto/dex.

I would caution you about using oats in this shake, if you put oats and malto/dex in a shake, the carbs will mix in your stomach, and the GI rating will be some median there of. You want fast acting carbs in your pre workout shake.

your lactose intolerant right? there is usually some lactose in whey...not a ton...but...maybe that's it
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