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Yitz 02-06-2009 02:34 AM

Supplements for the skinny
greetings one and all.

Sometime lurker, first time poster here.
I've decided recently that I am somewhat tired of being
embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach.
Bulky time!

Height: 6' + a skosch
Weight: 165
Metabolism: faster side of things
Somewhat Hypoglycemic.

My idea:
Eat lots of veggies and some meat (food is spendy here in Kauai, I can at least avoid the bad stuff)
take a pre-workout supplement, and a good protein powder.
I have access to a weight set, and thought about the "perfect pushup" gadgets for home use and avoiding wrist injury.
Lotsa pushups, crunches, dips, pull ups, etc. I have pals who can
help with the workout side of things.

Prework out supplement:
thinking N.O. Xplode, Black Powder, or BSN's Volumaizer.
The Volumaizer sounds best, because someone showed me how it's
got the amino acids needed to break down the protein powder I'll
be taking and it's a good booster for pre-workout.
Obviously I have no clue. That's the problem...there's so much market, hype, and HGH laden models, and opinions of pals,
vitamin store workers, and everything I really don't know WHAT
is true anymore. I have to go off something...but what?

What I think want is something to really give me a good boost,
not be too awful for my body, and not give me the sh!tters.
Something that will help with recovery, and something that
will help make use of the protein shake afterwards.
Not really into the idea of Creatine and constantly needing to
take it. Am I wrong in this? (ie steering clear of "Perfect Storm" powder)
It also needs to be available online for a REALLY good price.
Black Powder? N.O. Xplode? Volumaizer? Universal Animal Paks?

For Proteins I want something my body can break down and USE,
something without a ton of sugar, with a decent amount of
vitamins and minerals, and preferably not taste like toilet paper.
Also, if it was available for a screaming deal online I'd be tempted
to use it. Muscle Milk, Monster Milk, other? Maybe a good berry flavor?

Also, someone told me after using up the NOX/Black Powder
to try a switch and add Testex pills to the mix (but to break into
it all slowly, especially the Testex).

So can you all recommend a good booster pre work out in the
$30-$40 range, and a good protein powder in that range?
also tell me where to get and WHY?
is any of this realistic? What kind of time table is expected to add 10-15 pounds of muscle on a 3X a week work out?

thanks so much!

supermad 02-06-2009 04:39 AM

creatine sux but does so much, L-carnitine and DHEA make good ganes also. To find a good protien mix is difficult, shop around and see what works for the price. Affect is the key, if you don't have the amino acids it passes through but you will still absorb most. I found the best protien is meat. Beef and Fish. I too have not found the right protien powder for a 6'+er with a matabolism to give a race hourse a heart attack.

supermad 02-06-2009 04:56 AM

Let me know if you find something good though, bro.

Ross86 02-06-2009 05:08 AM

L-carnitine hasn't been proven to do much. I've heard that it can help with cardio a little. DHEA doesn't do anything but cause problems. It is NOT will get nothing but problems from it. When you're talking about Testex, are you talking about steriods? If so, that's the last thing you need right now.

You don't really need any pre workout supps. If you want some, just get some caffeine tabs. It will do the same thing. NO xplode is a waste of money & so is black powder. BSN's volumizer is a total crock of shit.


That's the problem...there's so much market, hype, and HGH laden models, and opinions of pals,
vitamin store workers, and everything I really don't know WHAT
is true anymore. I have to go off something...but what?
READ THE STICKIES. There is a ton of information there. If you had read them first, then most of your questions would have already been answered.

Creatine is a good supplement. Just buy some CHEAP creatine monohydrate. All creatine works the same. It's an efficable supplement that has been proven to work.

For protein, just get some inexpensive whey. Optimum Nutrition and Dymatize both sell cheap whey protein. I don't know where you got the idea that your body can't digest protein without some magic additives. You don't need to specifically buy Muscle Milk. Monster Milk is the same thing, except that it's marked up twice as expensive.

What you need to do is eat. There are no two ways about it. You need to take in a lot of calories; otherwise, you will NOT GROW. If you're not going to eat many carbs, then you're going to have to take in a lot of protein & fat. Period. Log your diet for a couple of days at Now go eat.

Tmno 02-06-2009 07:05 AM

Grab a weight gainer or some sort of Meal Replacement (MRP) shake. Those are a good substitute for a meal when you are on the go or don't have the money/time to make something.

Always hit the weights HARD.


Yitz 02-07-2009 01:09 AM

hey again...

thanks for the insight. I found the sticky at the bulking forum
and it HAS answered a lot of my questions.

As for Testex, I am referring to a product I've seen in my local vitamin world shop. It's not steroids (aren't those illegal?), it supposedly just tells your body to make more testosterone.
I was also told not to mess with it for while as it would really mess me up inside.

Creatine: do I need to take it EVERY day and keep the level of it up in my system? Doesn't this form a false bulk because of water retention, or how does that work?

Protein powders, Weight Gainers, MRP...
same thing? Is there one type (ie Weight gainer > MRP) I should pick over the other?
I get the mental image of a flat tire when I think weight gainer...

Is there anything else I could/should take besides the
protein powder? Animal Paks for the creatine + other vites?
Nano Vapor? I wanna keep it simple...stack protein with
one other supplement that would be a good bet.

I don't think my body needs some magic thing to absorb protein...
I'd been told that amino acids are what make the protein useful
and not just sit there. I just want to make sure I'm not going to get fat or somehow chemically messed up or imbalanced from this stuff.

In terms of eating I logged what I have eaten today...


Fat 79.6g

Carbs - 306g

Protein - 101g

Calories from:
Fat (31%)
Carbs (52%)
Protein (18%)
Alcohol (0%)

Based on a somewhat detailed analysis of my day's activities
I had these numbers come bacl:
Calories Burned:

From the FitDay website. That IS a pretty sweet website.
My only issue is their weight calc doesn't do GAINS. :P

So what (if anything) can you tell me from these numbers?
How bad is it?
I don't mind eating...I rather like it, although you may not think so to look at me. According to the calculations on the sticky at the bulking forum I need about 2700 calories a day.
That sound right?

thanks again,


Yitz 02-07-2009 01:46 AM

I might add, all the supplements I've looked at
I try to find online from reputable looking sites for
WAY better deals. I do have a friend who works for Vitamin
world and she says she can get me a very decent protein
powder for a very decent price.
Part of wanting to stack only two supplements is the
desire to keep costs have been down all month in
the restaurant biz. :(

Ross86 02-07-2009 05:50 AM


I just want to make sure I'm not going to get fat or somehow chemically messed up or imbalanced from this stuff.
Protein is not a drug.

Testex won't do anything for you except leave your wallet a little lighter. It's most likely just a tribulus or long jack based product.

Your macronutrient ratio is very bad. You should be getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 40/30/30 (protein/carbs/fats). You're at 18/52/30. Your protein intake is very low. Try to start eating around 2,800 to 3,000 calories per day.

Now go eat.

Yitz 02-07-2009 01:19 PM

by "this stuff" I meant some of the non-protein supplements.
I'm not afraid of protein powder.

It's very good to know about my ratios, thank you.
looks like my fats are ok, but the carbs need to come down
and proteins up. Time for more chicken and eggs!

on a side note, the vita-shop gave me a sample of MRI's Black Powder...
a 15g little packet.
I've never felt so amped in all my life. My reps went thru the
roof...just doing pushups and dips I did a lot more than I thought I could. Perhaps that's a psyche thing more than
The down side is that I took all 15g on an empty stomach and
30 minutes into the work out I felt so sick I had to lie down for
a while and pray hard that I didn't puke. Eventually that passed
and I kept going...felt like the stuff shot itself in the foot
tho. If you feel like puking, do you really want to do crunches?
so I won't do THAT again. blah.

Also, I've been impressed with how many muscle groups
I could work out without weights. A good size book proved
awesome for working out the delts, the couch held my feet for crunches, a small chair raised my legs for dips off the counter,
and getting down and lifting one end of the coffee table worked out well for biceps in a curling motion.
Squats and leg lifts were pretty easy too.

gotta figure a way to do lats tho....

gonna go eat some chicken, eggs, and probably sausage (just a little).
thanks again


jakespeptalk 02-07-2009 02:59 PM

for pre-workout pumps = NO xplode by far. Ive tried alot of them and always come back.
Post workout glycogen reloader and creatine - Volugro by nutrex, ITs amazing and will put pounds on anyone. I have all of my clients looking for size on this product.
A good protein that is cheap = Elite 12 hr. chocolate fudge brownie... The best tasting ive had in a while.

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