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VyoTech Questions

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Old 10-03-2006, 11:38 AM
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Default VyoTech Questions

GNC is have a buy one get one 50% off on top of a 20%off with gold card. So I was reading and found 2 products of intrest Viraloid and 17-HD

Viraloid: World’s Premier Natural Testosterone Booster

The Australian Institute of Physiological Sciences discovered it, bodybuilders around the globe have tried it and the verdict is finally in. Viraloid is unquestionably the premier testosterone support mechanism that athletes are raving about. Experience the power of the worlds unsurpassed all-around testosterone resource with Vyotech’s VIRALOID. Here’s why Viraloid is “best in class” of natural testosterone support agents:

Viraloid is a potent blend of steroidal alkaloids called “diosegins” derived from high sterol-containing plants. In comparison to other testosterone boosters that rapidly decrease in effectiveness after a short time, Viraloid is unique in that it actually increases in effectiveness the longer you take it.

Using Viraloid as a year round foundation during any training cycle, is going to keep your natural testosterone levels skyrocketing while simultaneously preventing shutdown if you choose to use a synthetic derivative of testosterone.

Most importantly Viraloid not only increases the amount of testosterone produced by the body, but also heightens the absorption by increasing androgen receptor sensitivity. This means your body will utilize and absorb natural testosterone and synthetic androgens more efficiently. Never again will you have to worry about losing your muscle if you discontinue use, as the gains you make while using Viraloid are “true gains” so what you gain you keep!

• Dramatically amplifies natural testosterone production
• Increases protein synthesis
• Anit-Estrogenic effect increases muscle hardness and density
• Increases androgen receptor site sensitivity
• Maximizes natural hormonal output
• Opens testosterone receptor sites
• Increases sex drive and virility at any age

Natural trainers as well as past and present steroid users should consider Viraloid a “must use” product in their chemical arsenal. No other product delivers results like Viraloid, period!
I could get 1 bottle at $63.99 and then a second at $32 for a total of $95.99 for a two month supply
Viraloid Facts

17-HD facts


Instant Power, Instant Strength, Instant Muscle!

A powerful union of modern science has facilitated the evolution of the most dominant, side effect free, and all encompassing anabolic formula since the inception of pro hormones. Unparalleled muscular density, strength and power are now reachable and realistic goals for anyone wishing to embark on a quest to take their physique to the next level without breaking the law or your budget.

Vyotech’s research team has discovered, patented and employed the use of a highly sophisticated Multi-Fraction Extraction (MFE) process in the development of 17-HD. This patent pending hydroxylation process rearranges the hydrogen and oxygen molecules on the natural steroid ring of the highly anabolic herbal plant substrates contained in 17-HD. However, there are no additional synthetic “side chain” attached (This would be classified as a designer steroid because the synthetic side chain is added) so therefore it is legal for sales in the United States.

Here’s what makes 17 HD the ultimate “testosterone resource” to support all around muscular development:

• Highly Anabolic/Highly Androgenic
• Superior Bioavailabilty accelerates absorption and uptake
• Fast Acting power surge you can actually “feel” minutes after ingestion
• Decreases Recovery Time
• Heightens Training Intensity
• Boost Athletic performance
• Decreases physical and psychological perception of fatigue
• Amplifies explosive muscular power and contractility
• No estrogen or DHT conversion
• No water retention
• Increases protein synthesis for rapid lean tissue gains
• Anti-catabolic properties prevent overtraining syndrome

If you want to start kicking ass and taking names then get on the hottest product on the market. Check the testimonials to see what our customers are saying about this “magic pill”. 17-HD is the only “once a day” muscle building capsule that has gained worldwide recognition in less than a year.
1 bottle $63.99 and second at $32

So my question is, are these supplements BS and a waste of money. Or are one or both worth checking out? If you have any experience please let me know.
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Old 10-03-2006, 02:09 PM
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i believe every supplement you take is a waste of money if your diet is not in check. make sure that it is in good shape and your getting all the right nutrients and vitamins your body needs first, then add in supplements later on...
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Old 10-03-2006, 06:10 PM
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My diets all good I'm just looking for things to add more muscle on besides creatine.
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Old 10-03-2006, 06:51 PM
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I honestly have never heard of Vyo-Tech but the reviews on Viraloid don't seem to be too promising over at BN. As always take the reviews with a grain of salt, but there seems to be a lot of negatives.

Also, skip buying this at GNC if you still want it. As always their "deals" are absolute scams. You can get a single bottle of this stuff for $35.90 at DPSNutrition.
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Old 10-07-2006, 08:17 AM
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[Also, skip buying this at GNC if you still want it. As always their "deals" are absolute scams.

Ya, usually the only reason they have a sale is because their products have or almost expired.
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Old 10-07-2006, 09:08 AM
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Good point. GNC is the worst but in fact you see a sale at any retail outlet you better be checking the expiration dates.
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Old 10-07-2006, 09:29 PM
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Reviews are certainly not promising. If you want more information there is also a forum which has a lot of logs as well as a discussion with one of the creators

In general gains were not very significant and defiantly not worth the cost.

If you are looking for a boost perhaps try AA (controversial) or ECDY.
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