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What supplements should I be taking for weightlifting?

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Old 03-04-2011, 07:17 AM
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listen, you can take this advice or leave it. since your new to lifting DO NOT start off with the idea that you wana be huge and ripped at the same time..throw that idea out the door unless your gona spend alot of money on juice,nolvadex,clomid and acne creams and meds. #1 start your training program with 3 to 4 days a week training. #2 take a rest day between each lift day.#3 execute multy joint lifts such as squats,power cleans,deadlifts,bench press and military presses.#4 keep your rotators very strong and mobile and keep your core even stronger. #5 eat bigger than you are. dont bother counting every calorie and gram of protien. CARB LOAD CARB LOAD the day before a big lift. alot protien obviously. eat alot before bed. #6 supliments- fishoil, ostiobiflex for joint recovery, vitamin b,d,e,c,dhea, take havoc if you can find it online, take a low dose of dianabol and anadrol, whatever dose some dumb meat head tells you take half that, moderate and steady building is what u wana do. as for your bench- you probly have short arms because your only 5'3 so use that to your advantage and that short range of motion will shoot your bench,military press ect..through the roof. remember less is better. only train for 45 min tops and thats pushin it. dont waist your time with tryin to make your muscles pretty. build solid thick trunks and a frame like abrick shit house first.its a staple,trust me. you need some fat on you to achieve this feat. good luck
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