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jhnfrmrby 11-24-2013 11:28 AM

Whats the best suppliments
Looking for a good weight gainer and some creatine and anything you could recommend. I appreciate any help you can give me

ThiBezerra 12-26-2014 04:46 AM

Well, I like proteins, fish oil and multivitaminic.
Well, gainer, I would use only if I can't reach the calories that I need to reach.

GymTyme 09-30-2015 08:51 AM

EAT!!! Weight gainers are a waste of money if you know how to eat. Grab a good blender and make your own weight gainers using oats, pb and you'll get better nutrition for much cheaper.

sarajaneadki 07-23-2016 05:37 PM

Great Tasting
This is a great thread. One of the most frequently asked questions when folks are looking for mass gainers is finding one that doesn't have a chalky aftertaste. There are many of protein supplements out there that and are still effective at putting on solid muscle.

Hudd 10-09-2016 11:08 AM

3rd post with similar question i can see on this forum)

eatandsquat 12-02-2016 03:22 AM

I've been doing a lot of research on supps lately (looking for what works best) and I stumbled upon this one, might be able to help you:

It's a mass gainer, read the review and it seems okay to me. You might want to check it out, hopefully it helps :)

Michael8246 01-02-2017 12:21 PM

Whey protein for sure

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