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Asking for advice. All info provided.

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Old 05-10-2006, 02:01 PM
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Default Asking for advice. All info provided.

Hello guys. I have some questions and if you guys have the time I would love to hear some advices. Here is my routine first:

I train 6 days a week.

Flat bench:
1st set: 8 reps
2nd set: 2,4 reps with maximum amount of weight I can handle
3. set: Back to 8
Dumbell flys:
3 sets of 8
Dumbell flat bench presses or Barbell incline bench press
3 sets of 8.
behind the neck wide grip pull ups:
50 reps( takes me about 8 sets)
Wide grip pull downs.

Military press:
Dumbell presses:
standing lateral raises:
and ARMS

Leg curls:
Leg presses:
And I would do half an hour of cardio usually running but many times I skip it .

Friday would be chest back day again but I would change one back exercise and do Bnet over Barbell rows and I would change one chest ex. with Bent- arm pullover with barbells.
and then repaet the routine and rest on mondays.I am also gonna add cable rows to y routine

I have been tarining for 6 months and been doing this routine for almost 4 months. I also do abs everyday. 5 sets of 25 situps.
I am 20 years old.white,male. I am almost 5.11 weight 192lbs. Body fat:% 11
I take aminoacids and protein shake.

Diet: This gives the idea of what I eat.
Late breakfast usually a sandwitch and some eggs.

Lunch: pasta and meatballs or rice with chicken .patotoes, salad.

Before dinner: what I can sneal out whats on dinner.

Dinner: meat( stake, chicken, fish whatever i can find all healty and some bread )

I eat good and till I am fulll.

Goals: Slyvester Stallone Rocky 4 look.
Some stats:
Flat bench: 180
deadlift: 220

Now guys, thanks for reading. My questions are. Is there anything you guys think I am doing wrong or any suggestions are welcomed. The reasen I posted this is I am not making good progressin my opinion. There is definatly some progress but exremely slow especially I cant seem to gain good overall size and my legs are way too thick compared to my upper body.

thank you.
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