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islandboy 11-26-2011 09:33 AM

Can I run with this routine?
I have been working out doing basically whatever each day for a few months now with the only stipulation of avoiding as much as possible, hitting the same muscle within a 48 hour period. However, I had no program/routine or structure to go by. I was bascially all over the place LOL! I'm tired of doing that. Just seems pointless so I came up with a routine I think may work for me (atleast I like the layout and feel it is very do-able). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, I need to add Military presses in this rotuine if the routine looks good. Which day would be best as I heard it works both shoulders and upper chest so not 100% sure which day is best. I only want to hit each muscle group twice a week. Also, the aux exercises you see will just be "fillers" if I need them and have the energy after doing the main core exercises to execute them effectively. An example would be if triceps don't feel worked effectively enough on a particular day I will do an aux exercise to hit them a bit more etc.

Monday - Chest/Triceps (Max weight for about 5 reps with 3 work sets)

- Flat bench press
- Incline bench press
- Dips (weighted)
- Skull Crushers

Aux exercises
- DB or cable fly's
-Tricep extentions

Tuesday - Back/Shoulder/Bicep (Max weight for about 5 reps for 3 work sets)

- Deadlift
- Pull ups
- Bent over bb rows
- BB curls
- Standing lateral raise

Aux exercises
- Shoulder shrugs
- Isolated or hammer curls
- DB rows (kneeling on bench)

Wednesday - Legs/Abs (Max weight for about 6-8 reps with 3-5 work sets)

- Squats
- Calf raises
- Leg extentions
- Leg curls
- Crunches (weighted or with resistance)

Thursday - (Repeat Monday's routine using 60-75% of Monday's weight for more reps 8-12 for 3 sets)

Friday - (Repeat Tuesday's routine using only 60-70% of Tuesday's weight for more reps 8-12 for 3 sets)

Sat/Sun - Rest or can do very light cardio for about 15-20 mins.

As you can see I have only one leg/ab day. Did this purposely for now to run this routine for a few weeks to get a feel for doing something with structure (if it is a good one) and then incorporate legs in twice a week when I get more comfortable with them. For now, I will just hit the legs hard once a week. Any adjustments, changes or critiques to this routine in terms of changes in exercises, changes in rep ranges and weight etc are welcomed. Looking for mass right now more than anything, but not looking to get insanely huge! Diet is in check. I'm short (5ft 6 in) and weigh 160lbs. Going to shoot for the 170 lb range and see if I am happy with my body mass there. If so, I will cut from there and see how I like the end result. If not happy though, then I will continue to bulk again and repeat the process. Like I said, not trying to get huge and I have a pretty solid foundation now to work with so I'm figuring it's not too hard to achieve. I'll post a picture in a few if I'm allowed now to give you an idea of where I am at.

Thanks for looking. :)

islandboy 11-26-2011 09:46 AM

K...Let's see if pictures can work. I need an updated picture as the "after" shot is a month old and I'm a bit bigger now in certain areas, but alteast an idea of my progression. Also, keep in mind I was on no set routine and I only workout from home.

August this year when I started

October 21st this year.

FitnessFreek 11-26-2011 11:43 AM

Pretty nice progress.:WEIGHT~13:

llsspratt 11-26-2011 11:47 AM

Way to go. Keep it going

islandboy 11-26-2011 02:10 PM

Thanks!! That was all doing whatever with no specific routine. Any thoughts on the routine I added above? I started Monday's workout tonight and it felt great! As I mentioned in my intro, I have 2 herniated discs and had a fractured rib earlier this year from an accident. I ate crap food all the time and never exercised. Since I started exercising in August, I changed my diet and have progressed well. At first I could only do 40lb bench press. Today, although still not that great, but a good improvement despite my injuries, I am benching 125lbs with more fuel in the tank. Just don't want to push it too quickly.

Here is a shot from tonight. It's a small crappy iphone pic, but an idea. :)

islandboy 11-26-2011 02:11 PM

Also, any reason I am having issues logging in? I log in and it says I have done so successfully, but then when the screen refreshes, I'm not logged in. I have to keep trying over and over until eventually it logs me in. Crazy LOL

FitnessFreek 11-27-2011 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by islandboy (Post 91211)
Also, any reason I am having issues logging in? I log in and it says I have done so successfully, but then when the screen refreshes, I'm not logged in. I have to keep trying over and over until eventually it logs me in. Crazy LOL

Clear your cache and cookies and see if that helps lol

marinevet 12-15-2011 08:21 PM

Your routine is quite sound. Really nice progress.

iron_worker 12-16-2011 05:44 AM

You don't rest enough. You're hitting squats the day after you do deads .... that's a recipe for your form to go to sh!t and get injured.

Seems like you want to be at the gym all the so if so then try a 4x a week workout focusing one big lift/day.

Monday - Bench
Tuesday -Deadlifts
Wed - Off
Thurs - Military Press
Friday - Squats
Sat/Sun - Off

You can do light cardio on your off days or after your weights but if you're trying to gain muscle then I would keep it just that ... light!

To go with your big lifts I would suggest picking a maximum of 2 accessory lifts for each day. It doesn't sound like much but if you hit your primary lift like you should be then it should be enough.

If your bench really is 125lb then I would say you are a beginner and should probably be doing a 3x a week full body as I posted here:

There is a lot of good info there about training and dieting advice that I took a lot of time to write. I suggest you read it.

Hope it helps. Good luck with whatever you do!


islandboy 12-29-2011 09:29 AM

Thanks for the feedback. It's been crazy here lately with work and my mother in law needing emergency surgery that had her in the hospital for almost a month, but all is well now. Nice write up on the 3 day full body workout. Might give that a shot. I've seen a similar one on done up by all-pro. Seems like a proven way to go. I have been tosing the idea of that or the HST program. Nevertheless, I've tried the above rotuine I posted, but the leg day I removed and used that day as a rest day so I just worked out Mon, Tues and then Thurs and Friday. I added legs in the mix there. Here is an updated picture of me taken on the weekend. It's crazy...My pants got bigger and so I have to put on a belt now, but my weight went up so it was like I was getting more of a clean bulk.

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