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Mikey05 04-07-2005 10:33 AM

concerning Body for Life program
Heres the schedule the program reccomends to do..

Monday- upperbody weight training
Tuesday - 20 min areobics solution
Wednesday - lower body weight training
Thursday - 20 minute aereobics solution
Friday - upper body weight training
Saturday - 20 minute aerobics solution
Sunday - free day

The next week it starts out with lower body weight training and so on. What I'm wondering about this is if it's ok to be doing the aerobics every other day like that. I would be either walking or using a stationary bike, won't that work out my lower body too much? Your supposed to let each muscle group rest for 48 hours right?

hrdgain81 04-07-2005 10:48 AM

BFL uses an interval training method for cardio similar to that of HIIT, so 20 min of cardio every other day isnt gonna make as much of an impact on your leg muscles as you would think.

you also need to remember that BFL is not a bulking or a cutting workout format. its a combination of both, and doing both at the same time is not an easy task. So some segments will be optimal for one aspect, and not for the other.

Dr X 04-07-2005 11:52 AM

You get a free day, however if you legs really start to feel fatigued just skip one of the cardio days now and then. It won't kill you.

Mikey05 04-07-2005 11:58 AM

cool, sounds like I'm in for some fun

GuardDog 04-08-2005 03:35 PM

On another forum, one guy posted his results using the BFL program and it worked great for him. Keep us posted on how your doing.

Darkhorse 04-09-2005 05:25 AM


Originally Posted by Mikey05
I would be either walking or using a stationary bike, won't that work out my lower body too much? Your supposed to let each muscle group rest for 48 hours right?

Doing only 20 minutes of cardio in between workout days are fine. Cardio is a different entity than weight training. If anything, the cardio will lubricate your joints and walking will speed up your recovery time to a small degree.

apocalypse 04-09-2005 03:21 PM

I used BFL for a month, and I was satisfied with the results, I started slacking again when I started looking better so I am back where I started :D

sngle_chck 04-22-2005 08:57 PM

from a girl's point of view, and established bb, my view on BFL is that it is great for beginners.....people who definetely are not ready to hear the words.....High Glycemic and Low Glycemic. The BFL is straight forward, great understanding of foods and sample workouts.....But, really doesn't prove to be long-term. I view it as a stepping stone. Try it.....BE CONSISTENT to get results and then take it from there. I have learned consistency is more important than anything. You have to give it a chance to work on your body. When you no longer get the results you want, time to change it up. Hope that helps!

Mikey05 04-23-2005 01:19 AM

Why don't you think it proves to be long term? Please explain.

sngle_chck 04-23-2005 10:33 PM

long term for weight loss.......
If your following the program loosely, adding and subtracting as you need to then cool......But I only use this as a guidline or for beginners..... Good foundation for nutrition, but lacks supplementation, training and cardio in depth. That's all.....ALthough, all of our "diets" are sooo individual and specific......I don't know I am on day two of zero carbs.....i'll get back to ya when I have mental

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