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Old 08-08-2008, 01:53 PM
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Of course we are flat out forgetting that you can literally row anything you can get your hands on...
55 gallon drum
bags filled with sand or gravel
big rocks
buckets full of water
the end of your couch...

Getting strong or putting on muscle goes so far beyond barbells and dumbells that I could literally think of ten times as many options without those implements as with them.
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Old 08-12-2008, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by grk77536 View Post
Guys, Im not totally new to working out but would like to get serious about it. I wanna build mass and at the time have no access to a gym. I have free weights and am not scared of ndoing a lot of push ups. Anybody got suggestions on a work out routine i could do to get ripped before being able to go to the gym? Thanks.
This sounds like somebody told you you need to get ripped before you can enter a gym. Is that true? I don't uderstand, do you want to get ripped or do you want to gain muscle mass? You should ask yourself how much do you want to weight when looking ripper (having your body fat in the single digits). You should overshoot your ripped look by some 20lb when gaining muscle mass and THEN start cutting. A good rule of thumb is that if your body fat is in the high teens you should cut first then build muscle mass, but if you look yourself in the mirror when you put your hands behind your head and can see you first two rows of abs then it's ok to start building muscle mass. You can do a lot with bodyweight training but it will only get you so far if you want to gain lots of muscle mass. This is because to gain mm you should keep your focus on progressive overload, which means increasing your load from week to week. You can do a lot with db's and barbells, almost everything actually. If you were injured you should spend at least 4 weeks in tune up. That is posture alignment, strenghtening weak spots, streching, core strenghtening and so on...
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