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Critique My Bodybuilding Workout (used CowPimps Design a Full Body Routine Article)

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Old 03-03-2010, 11:05 AM
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Default Critique My Bodybuilding Workout (used CowPimps Design a Full Body Routine Article)

I posted this on Bodybuilding.com where I saw the excellent article(s) here about creating workout routines.

Firstly, let me say I have a pretty crappy gym (no squat rack), hence why I haven't followed a tried and tested routine, and instead used the exercises possible based on the gym equipment what I got listed in CowPimps Design a Full Body Routine Article.

I'm looking to stick at it for 5 weeks, getting back into bodybuilding after a long hiatus (been mainly doing kettlebell training), want to gain muscle (going on a bulk). Its a full body workout, rotating two workouts, planning three days a week, not sure if four days would be over doing it.


Lower body quad-dominant: Hack Squat

Upper body vertical push: Arnold Press/Incline Press (45 degree+)

Upper body horizontal pull: Cable Rows

Accessory work - Arm isolation - Pull - Incline DB Curls

Lower body posterior chain/hamstring-dominant: Sumo Deadlifts

Upper body horizontal push: DB Bench Press/Dips

Upper body vertical pull: Neutral Grip Chinups/Wide-Grip Pull-Ups

Accessory work - Arm isolation - Push: OH DB Extensions

For workout A, for the vertical press, I have pretty big shoulders and would really like to be hitting upper and lower pecs, so am tempted to do just incline presses when doing 3 days a week, and arnold presses if I do 4 days a week.

For workout B, I love dips, feel like working them on BW till I'm hitting maximum sets and reps, or doing them every other workout (which would probably be a wiser idea). Whether I'll be doing Neutral Grip Chinups or Wide-Grip Pull-Ups will be determined by how sore my biceps are/how often I'm training probably will be wide-grip pull-ups.

Thinking of throwing in calf isolation work and ab work, as I'm only using one of the four optional accessory exercises.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts
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