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Josh19d 05-29-2013 05:36 AM

Cutting Diet/Workout - Any Tips?
Hey guys
So I've just finished my bulk and am now 2 days in to my cut. I think I'm at around 16% body fat right now and want to get down to somewhere between 8 and 12 (whenever I start seeing definition that I'm satisfied with) and I'm hoping to achieve this in 12 weeks.

My stats are;
20 years old
16% bf

At the moment I'm taking in 2900 calories a day. This number will probably drop in a week or two but for now I'm keeping to it hoping to maintain my strength. I'm taking a creatine monohydrate powder and MyProtein whey protein shake. Anyway let's get to the meal plan;

Breakfast 09:00
cereal (300), OJ (100), protein shake (200), multivitamin
Lunch 12:00
2 eggs (200), 4 rounds toast (400)
Afternoon "snack" 15:00
2 baked potato (400), can of tuna (125)
Dinner/pre workout 18:00
chicken breast (150), basmati rice (400),
Post workout 22:00
protein shake (200)
porridge (400)

I realise that this probably reads a bit more like a bulking diet but I'm quite new to the idea of properly cutting. Moving on, this is my plan for workouts which are on a 2 week cycle.

Lower body (mon,fri,wed)
Squats drop sets 3x3x6
Deadlifts 5x8
Calf raises 3x15
DB lunges drop sets 3x3x6
Side crunch drop sets 3x3x10
Cable crunch drop sets 3x3x10
Woodchoppers 3x15

Upper body (wed,mon,fri)
Incline DB bench drop sets 3x3x6
Pull ups 3xAMAP
Shoulder press drop sets 3x3x6
Side raises drop sets 3x3x6
Front raises drop sets 3x3x6
UH BB rows 3x8
DB shrugs drop sets 3x3x6
DB curl drop sets 3x3x6
DB tri extension drop sets 3x3x6
Side crunch drop sets 3x3x10
Cable crunch drop sets 3x3x10
Woodchoppers 3x15

So that's the plan. Once I'm settling into it I may add some cardio/HIIT on days between. My reason for choosing drop sets on a lot of exercises is mainly down to personal preference. I choose this over doing 10-15 reps with the same weight as it just feels much easier to complete the workout this way rather than knowing every time I pick a weight up I have to do it 15 times.

Really sorry for the mega long post.
If you could take a few minutes to read through and give me any pointers I would appreciate it. I know my plan isn't perfect but if it was I wouldn't be here. So thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

irondog19 06-02-2013 06:54 PM

Hey man, as long as the numbers work, and you're in a calorie deficeit you should be good to go. Keeping things simple, tracking your numbers and your cardio is easy and efficent. Too many people try fancy approaches to cutting. Just make sure you track what you are doing and make the necessary changes when needed. If you notice that your diet is not working, id advise taking out some of the carbs (seems to be the main source of your diet). Try a higher protein/fat diet, drop the carbs and see how that works for you.

keep lifting heavy as well to maintain your muscles and strength.

UmmmPain 06-18-2013 03:11 AM

So you want to be at 7%... you're going to have to cut... then bulk... then cut... then bulk then cut again... and during that process you must maintain muscle...

Your diet is key...

Look into macros and figure out the formula for your weight
(think of a pie chart and what percentage of protein, carbs, and fats.. say 40% protein 40% carbs and 20% fats.. so 40/40/20) everyone is different..
*Drop OJ.. Too much sugar
What kind of cereal? Drop it! too much sugar
E*at oatmeal (add flax seed oil) in the morning and eggs (spray eggs with braggs amino acids).. yeah it's plain but if you want 7% eat up.
*Drop the toast
*Potatoes are good, but try to eat red potatoes... Low GI add real butter not that fake stuff with crap added to it that you can't read.. (Real butter is actually good fats from natural sources.. milk.)
*You need more fats... Avocados, nuts, peanut, butter, milk products. (from natural sources) Good fats can get rid of bad fat which lowers bf%.
*I can't eat my veggies so I juice em... but if you can eat veggies eat spinach, kale, swiss charr, bok choy, (high on andes score, lots of nutrients)

you should be eating protein in all meals, but in every other meal you should incorporate one meal carbs then next meal would be fats, then next meal carbs, then next meal fats... you get the picture.

all your carbs you should google them on the GI (glycemic index) this is very important if you want to burn fat and maintain muscle.

Heres my meal for a day..

Breakfast - meal 1 (wake up @ 7am to a cup of whey, then shower then eat)
*2 whole eggs
*2 egg whites (sprayed with braggs amino acids and a dash of pepper)
*Cup of steel cut oats plane, flax seed oil (loads of fiber so get ready to crap)

Snack 10am
*peanut butter with apples

Lunch - meal 2 12pm
*quinoa plane
*chicken breast that I baked with lemon pepper
*1/2 glass of kale juice

Snack 2:30pm
*1/2 cup cottage cheese
*handful of cherries

Meal 3 5:30pm
*ground beef with minced garlic, grilled onions, dash of pepper, and brags amino acids for saltyness.
*mashed red potatoes, butter, salt and pepper
*1/2 cup spinach juice

workout about 9pm so I'll drink a cup of whey around 8:30 and eat half a avocado.

post workout I'll eat a cup of cottage cheese with blue berries about 30 min before bed. (80% casein 20% whey protein) slow acting protein that will help repair and build muscle. and blue berries for antioxidant and fiber.

As far as suppliments,
Fish oil
Multi vitamin
Amino Acids (I like Arganine for that good pump and glutamine because I believe it helps me with muscle fatigue during workouts.

As far as workouts... During your cuts you should lift lighter but more reps and alot alot slower and squeeze your muscle that you are working out during lifts...

*Superset everything!
During rows I like to superset that with under under pull ups to blast my bi's

During bench I like to do some plate presses (sandwich a 45lb plate with your palms pressed for support then press, this will blast your chest go slow)

you don't have to do cardio but if you do it'll speed up the processes as far as cutting bf. Drink a ton of water (iced water is better because your body will want to maintain a certain temperature it'll require calories to warm up your body.

wolfbeast 07-29-2013 09:03 AM


This is actually really helpful, and your diet tips are spot on.

Thanks man!

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