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Diablo0125 07-15-2007 01:34 PM

Follow-up Routine Suggestions
Whats a good program to do after an HST routine? I figured maybe do another right after but possibly deload beforehand. Im not into the SD the routine suggests but i still get some great gains from it. Only concern is im going from ex. 340lbs x 5 reps with bench down to 295 x 10 for my first workout. Was just thinking maybe thats too much of a drop going from my max.

The scheme i follow:

2 weeks 10 reps
2 weeks 8 reps
2 weeks 5 reps

Just a modificaiton so i can adjust to.

_Wolf_ 07-15-2007 01:42 PM

u can look into fortified iron's stuff or 5x5 (5x5 is better IMO)

Diablo0125 07-15-2007 02:21 PM

5x5 is always nice don't get me wrong there. I guess i should have mentioned my goals.

Just looking for something more endurance/resistance training. I have the mass probably more than i should, a leaner look would be nice.

I know its all in diet and i agree but im still confused about the comparison between hard muscle and soft muscle. In my mind if i were to lose body fat i don't think id be left with a hard feel to my muscles. Of course when i flex its all fine and dandy but other than that they aren't. Ive done some research about the fibers in your muscles and how much is worked will contribute to less softer muscle.

EricT 07-15-2007 03:37 PM

If your are not utilysing SD's then your are not doing HST. You are basically doing a short linear periodized routine. If that works well for you then good :). But SD's are a fundamental part of what makes HST "HST".

Without it the huge drop in intensity you were talking about would mean a very infeffecient way to progress. The way HST is meant is hypertrophy without strength. I suggest if you want to continue with HST you re-read or read more indepth so that you understand the theory behind the SD. IMO, the whole thing is silly and overcomplicated.

If you want 'harder muscles' once the fat has diminished you want to concentrate on low reps and stength. This results in increased nerual tone, denser and more functional muscle mass, and thus a "harder" feel and look.

You have actually two differnet goals here the way I see it. You say you want endurance resistance training. But that won't result in the hardest most toned muscle.

Kane 07-15-2007 04:04 PM

^^ Eric's right. Without that SD you're not truly doing the HST properly. The whole thing behind HST is submaximal loading and the SD definitely plays into that.

Diablo0125 07-15-2007 04:34 PM

Yeah I guess I created my own routine there in a way. But honestly like they say if it works for you then do it. Helped me gained 30lbs on almost all my lifts which was amazing.

Eric you said to concentrate on low reps and strength. Ive done countless 5x5 routines and have not noticed any difference in a harder appearance. All that has done is put more mass overall, although i should lose the body fat as suggested and see what happens.

EricT 07-15-2007 04:48 PM

Well this all has to do with training status and experience level. You telling me you have done countless 5x5's. Well in that case you should be pretty darn advanced and pretty darn hard muscle wise. But if there is a layer of fat covering your are not going to notice much. And I am speaking in relative terms. I am not going to guarantee that you as and individaul will be hard as a rock. Everybody has a little bit differnet amount of resting neural tone.

Could be that you are harder than you think in any case. Damn we need to think of a better way to say this. There are bound to be some jokes :D.

Something that goes in as part of the "harder" thing is how you see some guys who have their muscles jumping all over the place and "rippling" and some who just appear big and bloated. You are not going to see this if there is too much fat of course. At the same time you are going to achieve some level of increased neural tone and "hardness" not matter what you do. I am just speaking of having it as a GOAL and as such the goal on that front would need to tend more toward strength development IN GENERAL.

I find I am saying "in general" a lot lately :).

But for a person with less experience or a true beginner all of this does not apply as much. The fitness responses are fairly uniform for beginners and there is not much difference, for them, between in terms of neural tone.

Diablo0125 07-15-2007 05:36 PM

I see what you mean about having some muscle hardness no matter what you do. And honestly im not trying to get ripped or anything. Most people like having the bloated look and I am one of them, but at the same time wishing my muscles were as hard as they are flexed.

Also i understand if someone was a beginner this wouldn't apply but the part about "resting neurol tone" I seem to have alot of that.

Maybe it would have to do with my rest between sets or total work my muscles endure. I don't know lol

But I can't figure out why I can lift massive amounts of weight...have alot of mass with tons of strength but my muscles are somewhat soft in a relaxing state.

EricT 07-15-2007 05:58 PM

Yeah. Just the way you are I would guess. If you had a lot of resting neural tone you would seem harder though. What you mean is you lack a lot of neural tone at rest. See in terms of neural tone it simply means the nervous system is more "turned on". I wouldn't put a whole lot of worry into it, though. Just be the best you can be. Hell too much neural tone in certain muscles would be bad anyway.

Some people get confused because of the more temporary effect of high volume. You do a lot of high volume and blood and other nutrients enter the muscles at a high rate. Just like blowing up a baloon makes it harder so does this. But it is temporary in that it doesn't last unless you continually hit it with the high volume.

What I am talking about is a long lasting effect.

Diablo0125 07-15-2007 06:12 PM

I think you explained that perfectly and it makes complete sense. Like some people's muscle will be "alert" while others their muscles only show their face in the time of need which is lifting high volume.

I guess it really doesn't matter...I still get the "Holy F*ck your huge" all the time. Just don't like that unexpected squeeze of the arm people do..knowing your muscles are soft at the moment gives them the wrong message lol.

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