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justbig 03-07-2005 04:46 PM

four years out 3 months in
hi new here i am a six feet 2 240 pound x football player. i have been trainin for 8 years with a 3 year lay off. so i just got back in the dungeon and real quike like oticed that my strentgh has come back but after 2 months of trianing it's pretty much stayed the same. when i first started training agian i wieghed about 256 and felt like i was 30 when i am only 22
anyway how would you get the strenght part of my work out back and still have a little definition , here's my sheet

dumbell press 85 pounds 3 sets 8-12 warw ups
incline press 3 sets 245 5-8
decline press 3 255 5-8
flat bench 3 sets 8-10 245 stuck at 325 for max 1 a month
wide gripe curls 3 8-10 110 pounds
close gripe curls 3 8-10 85
mild grip press 3 8-10 85
animal to failiure it's when you pick up 50 pound dumbbells lift untill failure for three set's never letting the wieghts down only down by your side
tuesday cardio 1 hour
wensday legs
squat 3 - 8 -10 315
machine squat 3-8 -10 315
4 set's dumb bell squat
thursday abs
wieghted crunches 10 sets of 25
1 smith machine crunch for two minutes our to failure
friday back
back dead lifts for 3-8-12
the row 225 for3-10-12
back lifts till failure
friday off
any suggestions will help

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Dave876 03-07-2005 05:56 PM

Your program looks pretty good,except it seems that you're over training your Bi's.I would also pyrimid up in weight and lower the reps as you do so(because you're lifting more weight)...We can give more feedback once you tell us your goals,and what your diet is looking like.

Frontline 03-07-2005 07:27 PM

Just something that I noticed here justbig, you didn't list any tricep exercises. Maybe you just left them out but if your not doing them you really should, especially since you are stuck on flat bench. They are a secondary muscle used during the flat bench press so make sure you don't ignore them. Do some heavy training on them like close grip bench presses which put the majority of the weight on your triceps and I guarantee you will notice that your regular bench press increase. Other exercises I like for triceps are skullcrushers, pushdowns, kickbacks and so forth.

Once you let us know your goals (size/definition/strength ...) we can chime in with targeted advice.

Dave876 03-07-2005 07:46 PM

Don't forget DIPS!!

Darkhorse 03-07-2005 08:57 PM

I'm 5'10'' 247 lbs. I wanted you to know so you'll have a little faith in what I say. I think everyone should begin like that so you can seperate the bull.

Chest- Why would you do dumbbell presses and then later on do flat bench barbell? If you want a big bench do one or the other harder than you have before. As of yesterday I hit 365 x 4 reps on my 4th set so I know what I'm talking about. If you want strength like you said, higher reps won't be helpful (8-10). Definition comes with diet and a little cardio to burn some of those extra calories. Keep your reps low focusing on exploding the weight up.
Biceps- Interesting. Different exercises work different areas of your biceps. I'd stick to heavy standing barbell curls for strength/mass, incline curls for length, isolation curls for height. Variety is the spice of life. Also Dave hit the nail on the head that you need to lower your reps with more weight each time.
Back- Deadlifts work the traps undeniably, but you should do some shrugs to complete your back physique. Where's your lats exercise?
Triceps- Without working then directly, your strength will plummet during all presses. For a stronger bench, incorperate close grip bench on triceps day.
Deltoids- Helps overall strength greatly.

justbig 03-08-2005 06:35 PM

thanks you guy's
first i don't think that over triaing my bi's is the answer i have great biceps.i have not had any joint or muscle pain other than a great pump. i do work tri's along with bi's 80 pound kick back's. my greatest feature is my shoulders i shrug two times a week with back 5 set's 245 to 515 pounds my diet has a lot of protien and a high carb / chicken, tuna,steack, greens ,i have not done dips thats a pretty good idea thanks
heres my goal's i would like to get 455 up in the bench in high school i had 425 for a total wieght. i also had a flat stomach to but i think i left the six pac at the door and carried in the keg.most of all i want to be the bigest and strongest that i can be. flat stomach ,great pecs , shoulders have it all. whats some of your guy's routine for abs and also whats some of your diet's like including supplements,anbolics ect, thanks room

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