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bakkily 01-21-2006 06:53 PM

Getting mental enough for lifting...
Have any of you guys ever had the prolblem where its time to lift, you intake your post work out shake, then lift. But right then, when you're about to lift your weights, you feel wierd when lifting, and such. I was reading something, think it was from 0311, he said listen to some music, like and Ipod or something, and this should get you fit for it. Or was from a Chad Waterbury article I read.

But in a book I'm reading, he talks about philosiphy, with about how the Greeks were one in mind, and body. How your mind is with the body, the body is just not alone(MAX CONTRACTION TRAINING), so I was wanting to test something with a few of my friends who lift, have some listen to music, and some not. Most say listen to old Metallica, or White(Rob)-Zombie. Well, I wanna have some try Metallica, one with Led-Zeppelin, another with Van Morrison. Basicly Heavy-Moderate-Light. See those who listen heavy, if they do well on the basic work out, and do well on the intensity, and see if the moderate does well, then the light. Then the others the last week who lifted with no music, how well they do the next week and listen to music the week following after the week they listend to nothing. Will take me a while to get this set up.

But I've never read a full article or anything on lifting with doing on the mental side, I'm going to ask the others to fully follow a weekly diet, including a cheat meal, and doing some light cardio that week. But hey, if they don't wanna do it, was gonna try to do this by myself if I can't get help.

Darkhorse 01-22-2006 05:34 AM

In my opinion, the music someone listens to should be something that triggers some strong memories and such. I think everyone has certain songs that reminds them of a high/low point in their lives or something that really pisses them off. Maybe a girlfriend cheating on you...Or something that reminds you of home or old friends you lost contact with. Shit like that.

Just for the usual day in the gym, I'll mostly listen to Slayer or something hardcore. However, I cannot deny that listening to some songs (definately NOT hardcore) fire me up more!

For example, every time I hear Winds of Change by Scorpion [oldie], it makes me remember my old fuck friend..Hottest girl in school. Well, I f'ed up the entire setup we had going and she broke it off. For some reason, this song reminds me of that..No idea why, just does.

Like I said, everyone has certain songs that affect them in some way. I do not believe it has to be something like Metalica or Slayer or whatever else.

EricT 01-22-2006 11:55 AM

I think the worst thing I can do is to start thinking about the workout. How tough it's gonna be or how tired I feel and if I can get through it.

I know people talk about "psyching themselves up" for a workout. You know, getting fired up. Maybe this is exactly the right thing for many people. But for me, the trick is to get my mind in a place where I am not thinking or second guessing my body. Letting body memory do what it does. That is what music helps me with. Even when part of me is concentrating on a difficult rep I am still in that zone.

I noticed the same thing when I was into martial arts. If I would start thinking about, say, throwing a perfect punch, that is the moment I would miss and get punched myself. I think all the planning and learning and mental activity should be done before you start the workout and music definitely helps shut down that mental process. But like 0311 said, the music you choose is unique to you.

hrdgain81 01-23-2006 07:29 AM

I remember reading an article a while back about different types of audio stimuli in strength athleates. I wish i could remember where i read it.

The overall gist was that while harder rock music made the participants 'feel' more stimulated, overall power output was increased when listening to music that relaxed and soothed.

I dont remember exactly what type of music was, and I would think that what 0311 said has a lot of merit. What triggers emotional reaction may be the best audio stimuli for performance while training.

Peter Steele 01-23-2006 09:17 AM

Listening to certain songs i wrote wile working out seems to give me a more explosive workout. Like Red Water i wrote that after my dad died, it really gets me pumped.

Green Man

Alex 02-01-2006 06:06 PM

Vey cheesey but get the Rocky 4 soundrack man. That album is written for athletes almost

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