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dogzthesharp 06-22-2011 07:53 AM

Help! Uneven Biceps!
Hey forum,

I know many people have this problem; one arm is noticeably smaller than the other! My right arm is far bigger and stronger than my left. It is odd because I train them the exact same way. However, I am right handed and so favour my right arm more. I'm also a drummer/guitarist which means I use my right arm a lot more during those activities. *insert childish joke about masturbating here*
But seriously, this frustrates me to no end! Any suggestions/solutions to help correct this?

My bigger right arm:

My smaller left arm:

YokedBobby 06-29-2011 11:59 AM

Unilateral training? Has helped me in balancing out my physique

dogzthesharp 07-04-2011 12:24 AM

I've been doing most of my training unilaterally, that's why I'm a bit surprised my arms have such a big difference? Would it be counter productive to load more on my left arm for a month or two?

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