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Horse shoes..

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Old 08-01-2008, 09:26 AM
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Hmmm, perhaps. I still think that the reasons people fail on programs is not necessarily a lack of understanding, but you seriously face a flood of people that have high hopes and desires and upon realizing that this crap takes work... they break and move on to NASCAR or HSN as their hobby.

Ever pay attention to how many "ten minute fat blaster" infomercials there are on TV? I do. I can probably count a dozen or more that promise these amazing results on an unreasonably low amount of time. Can these people follow that? Nope... not likely that they will. Holy hell, they probably only have to follow along to a video a couple times a week and they might get SOME results. Truth is that if you sell 100,000 copies of a REALLY solid workout program, you may get a small handfull that will follow it and succeed. A larger number will go through the motions and then look for reasons why it didn't work. I believe the term "hard gainer" was invented for these people. Then the rest will just make an absolute abomination of anything you hand to them. Why? Because we hate hard work. We want miracle pills that defy our genetic makeup and turn us all into Brad Pitt as we slam 42oz big gulps and get 2/3rds of our calories from fast food.

I really only say that as a reality check about who the typical gym goer is. The average gym goer attends less than 5 times a month. My best guess is that if you looked at that statistic over a year or two, you would see that this number should be more like "I went for two weeks, didn't look like a swimsuit model and said F-it with a quart of Ben and Jerry's in front of an all day Sex and the City marathon. Then, upon realizing that I had my ten year reunion in two weeks, I buckled down, thought I lost a pound (really I just didn't drink enough and took a big turd in the AM) and said screw it by following Oprah's guide to dressing slim... all before bellying up to the cash bar and eating my body weight in snack chips because I was nervous about how I feel about myself due to my weight gain since college/high school."

Before retreating to my own fortress of solitude (AKA Garage Gym) I saw the floods of people after the holidays, or before bikini season. It is an action performed by someone that wants an excuse, not a result. "I tried to work off the holiday pounds, but I was too busy/am naturally big boned/kept getting stared at by skinny teen guys."

So in part, I think that the right answer is to train a person the way that gets them to where they want to be. Keeping in mind that squatting is a big part of this, and that cardio is also a part of getting strong. I think the ones that will stick to it are willing to learn and read.

Of course I say that as someone that doesn't rely on trainees as a source of income, and doesn't rely on the desire to assuage guilt to keep my business afloat (Hi Bally's Fitness Centers!)
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