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Hypertrophy Strength Program by Fortified Iron

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Old 09-21-2006, 01:40 PM
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Default Hypertrophy Strength Program by Fortified Iron

hey guys...

remember a time when i used to keep posting info ALL the time? well, i'm back lol

here u go:

--->> originally posted by Fortified Iron

Hypertrophy and Strength Program
Fortified Iron

I figured it was time for another routine of mine. Just about all the routines I've published so far I've gotten nothing but great feedback on and people have been doing nothing but make very positive gains out of it. Like all my programs its basic progression with loading and maintaining the total work being done. You will need a fairly good work capacity, meaning you'll need some training time under your belt.

Upper Day 1:
Bench Press**
Pendlay Row**
Military Press
Cable or Band pull downs
Decline sit-ups

Lower Day 1:
Conventional Deadlifts**
Leg Press
Barbell shrugs

Upper Day 2:
DB Bench**
T-bar Rows
Plate Raise (or Face pulls w/ bands)
Weighted Pull ups

Lower Day 2:
Stiff Leg Deadlifts**
Reverse Hypers
Dumbell Shrugs

* I will leave the arm work up to you. However dont spend all that much energy on them, just 3-4 sets a week is all you need. They get plenty of work with the rowing and other movements.

** Primary movers, your major lifts that need to be payed attention too.

Now the training sets/reps/load are gunna be a bit different with this. Its not going to be your basic 5x5 or 3x5.. In-fact it wont even be in the ball park like that... PAY ATTENTION!

Primary Movers:
1.) 5x3
2.) 5x3
3.) 5x3
4.) 4x6
5.) 4x6
6.) 5x5
7.) 5x5
8.) 5x5
9.) 0ff

Get a projected 3RM of all your Primary Movers (*). Once you get your projected maxes at the END of th week calculate 78.5%.

- Example: 3 RM on Squat is 315. Take 315 x .758 = 238.77 (240)

Now after the first week you will start working your Primary Movers at 78.5% @ 3RM. Once you complete the first week continue adding 2.5-5% to the 78.5%.

- Example:
Week 1 I did 240 (78.5%) on the squat.
Week 2 I will do 80-82.5% of my best 3RM.
Week 3 I will do 82.5-85% of my best 3RM.

Weeks 4 and 5 are what I call high rep weeks. Yup I said it.. HIGH REPS. You will do 4 sets of 6 with the same weight on all 4 sets. Use your judgment on the weights, but keep them fairly challenging.

You will do the SAME thing for week 6-8 as you did with week 1-3. However during this week you will be working with a 5RM and NOT a 3RM.

The other lifts that arnt Primary Movers are done like this:

1.) 3x12
2.) 3x12
3.) 3x8
4.) 3x8
5.) 3x6
6.) 3x6
7.) 4x6
8.) 4x6
9.) 0ff

The thing with these lifts are going to be rest periods. Keep the rest around 60-120 seconds between each set. Now between each movement thats your choice however dont go talk to all the girls for 20 minutes and then come back and pick it back up. If you hit failure on a set you simply just hit failure and its not a big deal.

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