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I got a problem!

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Old 04-26-2005, 09:05 AM
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So use strict proper form and use dumbells(I never used DB's for chest). But should I use ONLY dumbells for like 6-8 months until they even out or should I use both BB and DB's at the same time.Here's my chest routine.... BB=Barbell DB=Dumbell (if you dont know)

BenchPress(BB) 3 sets 10/8/6 - adding on weight
Incline BP (BB) 3 sets 10/8/6 - adding on weight
DB BenchPress 3 sets 10/8/6 - adding on weight
DB Flys 3 sets 10/8/6 - adding on weight

Is there anything on my routine I should change to help my pecs even out?
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