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borsec6 09-28-2013 03:59 AM

Muscle Protein Synthesis up to 36 hours.

im a natty guy and i just saw this study that said that muscle protein synthesis is only elevated for up to 36 hours in a specific muscle that you worked out.That would mean that after 36 hours, your arnt building any muscle.The study was done in trainned athletes.

So since im a hardgainer i thought id train everyday however i dont have time for the gym so i got 2 heavy enough dumbbells, a pullupbar, a incline bench and a really sturdy backpack that i fill with sandbags to do weighted pushups on my pushupstands ,weighted pullups, calve raises..

Day one : 20 sets of various exercises involving chest/tri/shoulder + 3 sets of calve raises.

Day two : 10 sets involving lats/forearm/biceps + 10 sets for quads mjostly involving pistol squats, chair lunges all to failure + 3 sets ab various ab exercises that i can think of ontop of my head.

I do all those exercises to failure, i try some dropsets/supersets on some of them.

This should be the fastest way a natural bodybuilder can gain muscle.Training 7 days a week nonstop alternating between pull/legs and push should in theory gain you as much muscle as somebody who is training for a month, with 3 day (chest, legs, pull).

No need to thank me.:)

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